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AIFS is a program provider offering 58 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, Gap Year, Research, and Online Program abroad programs in 32 countries such as France, Czech Republic, Italy, and Netherlands.

AIFS is recognized as a leading provider of study abroad programs. Since 1964, over 1.5 million students have traveled abroad with AIFS. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the resources and experience to provide what our students want and need in a study abroad program and to safeguard their welfare around the globe.

Unlike many other study abroad programs or independent study options, AIFS program fees are guaranteed in U.S. dollars. Our program fee is also comprehensive, making it simple for you to live and study abroad and experience all that the world has to offer.

AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa and the Americas. Most AIFS campuses offer courses in English or in foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels, so you don’t even have to know a foreign language to study abroad.

For more information, visit our website at https://www.aifsabroad.com/.

Study Abroad with AIFS

Based on 639 Reviews
Overall Experience
April 23, 2024
07/14/2021 A Creatively Fulfilling Experience AIFS: London - University of the Arts London

"Practical hands-on experience in writing and production. Very worthwhile."

University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
05/10/2021 Life Changing For The Better! AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"I met the U.S. Ambassador to Czech Republic as well as other diplomats! I met an intern at the U.S. Embassy. I created life long friendships. I tried new things and met new people! "

Texas Tech University
05/09/2021 Valuable, Caring, Superb Study Abroad With Aifs AIFS: Berlin – Freie University

"Absolutely worthwhile! I learned to be so much more independent and how to be spontaneous and appreciate the moment, especially during my fall break traveling alone. The Resident Director in Berlin was amazing and showed me all sorts of cool spots in the city and encouraged me to continue with my German!"

Champlain College
03/31/2021 Please Take Me Back!!! AIFS: Granada - University of Granada and Internship Program

"I would say my biggest takeaway from this program was my language skills, which improved drastically, and also my understanding of global relationships. I am a avid traveler and my time in Spain just help expand my perspective of the world even more. It showed me how important it is to understand different cultures. "

University of South Carolina - Aiken
Past Review A Wonderful Time For Me To Find Myself And Travel The World AIFS: Granada - University of Granada and Internship Program

"I learned that no matter where you are in the world you ultimately decide how you want to live. And don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams because with enough persistence and dedication they will come true. "

Rowan University
Past Review Making The Most Of My Experience During A Pandemic AIFS: Buenos Aires – University of Belgrano

"I learned a lot about resilience. I had to navigate a new country, new experience, and a pandemic all within a few weeks, and with AIFS I had the guidance I needed to stay on track and stay safe."

Texas A&M University - College Station
Past Review The Perfect Semester Abroad! AIFS London - Richmond, The American International University in London

"I became more confident in myself as a woman and I feel confident traveling alone now. I also realized how passionate I am about a career in social media and marketing. "

Wright State University
Past Review Life Changing AIFS: Limerick - University of Limerick

"It was definitely worthwhile. I learned the global map. I learned a lot about global cultures and most importantly I learned who I am. "

Howard University
Past Review Pura Vida Costa Rica AIFS: San José - Universidad Veritas and Internship Program

"I learned to simply live life and take it day by day. Don't rush things because they will come."

Ball State University
Past Review The Best Time Of My Life AIFS: Salamanca - University of Salamanca

"I learned so much - how to be more independent, how to be more open-minded, how to speak better Spanish, etc .... definitely worthwile!"

University of South Carolina - Columbia
Past Review A Once In A Lifetime Experience AIFS: Salamanca - University of Salamanca

"I gained a sense of independence yet felt more connected to people than I ever have before. I learned about so many people, cultures, languages, and myself. "

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Past Review Anxious About Studying Abroad? Aifs Will Help You Every Step Of The Way. AIFS London - Richmond, The American International University in London

"Yes! I learned to become more confident and independent in my choices. Exploring a different city by myself and with other people really showed my what I am capable of. I became more interested in all types of art, and I know that I want a creative career."

Western Kentucky University
Past Review The Aifs Richmond In Florence Program Is Amazing! AIFS: Florence - Richmond in Florence and Internship Program

"I learned how to live a different lifestyle and how to interact with people in a different culture. It helped me gain knowledge on different ways of living. "

University of Hartford
Past Review Briefly In Berlin AIFS: Berlin - Humboldt University

"It was fine. The class was boring and easy but the cultural excursions were good."

Wellesley College
Past Review It Was An Unforgettable Experience That I Will Never Forget. AIFS: Cannes - Campus International de Cannes

"I learned a lot more about the French culture and the language in general. It was definitely worthwhile and I would love to have had more time abroad."

Cardinal Stritch University
Past Review Unforgettable & Life Changing AIFS: Berlin – Freie University

"It was absolutely amazing. I am obsessed with Berlin and plan on moving back soon. I had never left the country before and now I can't wait to leave again"

Wellesley College
Past Review A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity AIFS: Rome - Richmond in Rome and Internship Program

"I gained confidence and lifelong experiences/friends. This entire trip was worth it."

University of Hartford
Past Review Granada Stole My Heart AIFS: Granada - University of Granada and Internship Program

"It was absolutely worthwhile! I learned so much about myself, the types of friends I gravitate toward and routines that I make when given a clean slate. I also learned a ton of Spanish!"

California Lutheran University
Past Review Prague Changed My Life AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"I gained so much knowledge about the world. I am now able to be more confident in myself and my decisions since studying abroad. I now have a travel bug that I can't get rid of. I want to learn as much about the world as I can. "

University of North Dakota
Past Review Best 4 Months Of My Life! AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"A new sense of independence, a love for travel and so much more. It was incredibly worthwhile."

Western Washington University
Past Review London Is Home To Me AIFS London - Richmond, The American International University in London

"I realized that I belong in London. I fit in with their culture more than Indiana's. The people I interacted with were so accepting and never made me feel like I was different just because of my skin color."

Ball State University
Past Review Increible AIFS: Granada - University of Granada and Internship Program

"I learned so much more than what I could have learned in a classroom. I learned how to embrace a culture and immerse myself completely. Allowed myself to get lost in a culture aside from mine and felt like I was becoming part of it. I learned so much about myself "

Carroll University
Past Review Rome Is Where Beauty Lurks In Every Corner And Friendships Last A Lifetime. AIFS: Rome - Richmond in Rome and Internship Program

"I gained many transferable skills when studying abroad that will last a lifetime. I learned to have an open mind and be more patient. I have also learned problem-solving skills and to not give up on the first try. "

Emmanuel College (Massachusetts)
Past Review A Well Balanced Study Abroad Experience AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"My confidence in myself improved, I became more open minded and started a more active lifestyle. I learned about sustainable practices in the EU that I have adapted in my American life. I also bonded with some amazing Eastern Europeans who adopted me into their world, and it was the best experience I could ask for. "

Texas Tech University
Past Review Best Semester Ever W/Aifs At University Of Economics Prague AIFS: Prague – University of Economics

"I learned how to adapt to new cultures. I also learned how to be independent and literally find my way. It was definitely worth it. I have friends, memories, and lessons that will last a lifetime. "

University of Houston