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Curtin University Top Programs
Curtin University: Perth – Study Abroad & Exchange


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Curtin University: Perth - Summer and Winter Programs


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What Students Are Saying

Aside from things we studied in my classes, I learned how to be more mature and independent when I was there, which I think is something extremely important especially because I will be graduating soon.

I learned a lot about myself and being independent and I learned a lot about Australia and Australian culture. It was very worthwhile.

Arcos Learning Abroad Top Programs
Arcos Learning Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico (University of Oaxaca)


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Arcos Learning Abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica (International Polytechnic University)


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What Students Are Saying

It was definitely worthwhile! I learned so much about the language, culture, and my abilities.

Studying abroad opens your mind to new experiences. Granada is a great location to meet new people from various parts of the world.

SIT Study Abroad Top Programs
SIT Study Abroad: Tanzania - Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology


2 reviews
SIT Study Abroad: Panama - Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation


18 reviews

What Students Are Saying

It was worthwhile. I learned to be very independent, I learned Kiswahili, I grew very close to my friends on the program, I made many friends and I plan to go back after I graduate.

By a Middlebury College student

I felt like I learned more about myself in the 3 months I was in Panama than in the 3 years before. This program gave me a chance to push myself, try new things, and work on things I love.

By a Gettysburg College student

Study Abroad with Curtin Perth

Designed for U.S. Bachelor’s degree students in their third or final year, The Go Greater study abroad program provides an immersive academic perspective! Make the most of the West Australian lifestyle with experiences curated by Curtin University.

Finding the Perfect Location

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo the jewel on the Nile river, though firmly attached to the past, is also home to a vibrant modern society making it a perfect place for your study abroad experience! The Egyptian museum with its countless Ancient Egyptian artefacts, Khan al-Khalili bazaar, the Giza Pyramids and so many other magnificent places to visit, combined to the American University of Cairo wide and diverse range of U.S. and globally accredited academic programs makes Cairo an ideal study Abroad destination!

Haifa, Israel

Haifa is Israel’s third largest city. It sits on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean Sea. Some call it ‘Israel’s San Francisco’. Although traditionally a working city, these include the Bahai Gardens and German Colony. It also houses a number of top museums. The city is also famous across Israel for its mixed population of Jews and Arabs. Here, they peacefully coexist. The result is some amazing fusions of Arabic and Jewish cultures across the city.
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Living In Italy

The language, the culture, independence, how to interact with lot's of different people.

10/10 Highly Recommend

My experience was worthwhile. I was able to meet students from all over the world at an international school, travel to other...

A Fantastic Experience

I learned a lot about how to be independent and learn in a different style.

A Fun And Memorable Experience!

I learned quite a lot about French culture and I feel like I gained more perspective. It was definitely worthwhile.

The Happiest I've Ever Been!

A big thing I learned while studying abroad was being by myself and being okay with that. I did a lot of solo traveling which...

Florence Is A Great City For Students

Italian skills, travel skills, cultural experience and understanding


Nothing much. It was fun though so it was worth it to me.