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DIS - Study Abroad is a program provider offering 3 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Research abroad programs in 2 countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

DIS is a Danish non-profit study abroad institution in Copenhagen offering semester, academic year, and summer programs taught in English. Established in 1959, DIS offers American students intensive, rigorous coursework enriched by field studies, hands-on learning opportunities, and study tours in Denmark and across Europe. These ensure students gain academic knowledge and intercultural leadership skills to prepare for their future careers in a globalized world. DIS students are usually undergraduate juniors or seniors from the most selective U.S. universities and 90% intend to go to graduate school.

DIS offers 190 elective courses and 22 different academic programs. The vast majority of courses are taught by Danish faculty. There is an average of 20 students per class. The three signature features of DIS are: (1) high academic quality, (2) course-integrated study tours all over Europe, (3) immersion opportunities allowing you to integrate into the Danish culture and meet Danes. Disabroad

Study Abroad with DIS - Study Abroad

Based on 767 Reviews
Overall Experience
May 29, 2017
05/26/2017 Great Semester DIS Copenhagen: Semester

" It was worthwhile to live in a different country where I didn't speak the main language. "

Brandeis University
05/16/2017 Quality Once In A Lifetime Chance To Live In A Non English European Country DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Learned how europeans live and the Danish way of life. Hygge"

Brandeis University
05/16/2017 A Danish Education For Americans DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned that there are ways to create a more environmentally sustainable system, without sacrificing quality of life."

Brandeis University
05/13/2017 Worthwhile Cultural Experience DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"The cultural experience really affected me as a person. I learned things that would be impossible in America (e.g. open prisons, leaving babies unattended outside of shops) and the new perspectives enabled me to make social and cultural comparisons."

Brandeis University
04/18/2017 One Of The Most Challenging Yet Rewarding Experiences I Will Have In College. DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I gained an international perspective, confidence, and a better understanding of my self and how the US influences the world. Incredibly worth wild. "

Middlebury College
01/24/2017 Spontaneous Adventures In Europe DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned how to be independent and problem solve"

Wellesley College
01/20/2017 New Place, Same Face DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Learned responsibility and yes. "

Brandeis University
01/19/2017 Stockholm Is Spectacular DIS Stockholm: Semester

"I had an opportunity to meet incredible people, especially because the Stockholm program was so small, and to explore Sweden and Denmark as my homes away from home. It was a very worthwhile experience."

Wellesley College
01/16/2017 My Second Home DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned to listen and learn about other cultures. Not to take things too personally because you are the one entering a new space."

Brandeis University
01/16/2017 The Best Semester Ever! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned so much about myself and got to make new friends, experience a new culture, and travel. It was absolutely worthwhile and the best time of my life. "

Middlebury College
01/13/2017 Awesome Experience! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned how to adapt to a new learning and cultural environment. "

Wellesley College
01/12/2017 Eye Opening Experience DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"The experience definitely opened my eyes to a new culture outside of the US. It was interesting to learn about and see the values that make up Danish society, which are so different from the US. It was also interesting to hear the Danish perspectives on societal and political issues. The experience was definitely worthwhile. "

Brandeis University
01/12/2017 A Review Of Dis Stockholm In Its First Semester; Gender Core Course DIS Stockholm: Semester

"exploring and making friends outside of the program was invaluable in many ways"

Middlebury College
01/09/2017 Great Cultural Experience DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"New perspective on the education system"

Middlebury College
01/05/2017 Scoping Out Scandinavia DIS Stockholm: Semester

"I learned about how Americans are viewed on a global scale. So interesting to hear the Scandinavian's impressions of Americans."

Middlebury College
01/04/2017 Superb DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Absolutely "

Brandeis University
01/03/2017 Public Health Abroad In Copenhagen DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I gained an international perspective on public health as we learned about healthcare systems in the Baltic region. Meeting other students from around the US also made the experience abroad worthwhile. "

Brandeis University
01/03/2017 Learned About A New Culture And About Myself DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned how to deal with challenges and create a home for myself in a new place. "

Brandeis University
01/03/2017 Living In Copenhagen DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"The program experience was good, although the academic portion was different what I had imagined, not all the classes I took went the way I expected them to."

Wellesley College
01/02/2017 A Wonderful City To Live In, But A Difficult Culture To Integrate In DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Definitely worthwhile, but I wish I had the opportunity to integrate into the culture more"

Middlebury College
12/27/2016 Amazing! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Really learned to live on my own in a whole new setting than what I am used too. It was also great to be able to travel all throughout Europe while I was studying abroad. "

Middlebury College
12/22/2016 Great For Study Abroad And Travelling DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Yes, lots of travel not as much integration"

Middlebury College
12/22/2016 Beautiful, Stimulating And Fun DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I gained new friends, a new language so many new experiences."

Middlebury College
12/21/2016 Learned A Lot And Enjoyed Denmark! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"This experience was definitely worthwhile. I learned a lot just by living in another culture, like how cultural norms and values penetrate everything, and, in Denmark, how a history of a homogeneous society presents challenges today. I also gained more personal awareness of what kinds of things I enjoy doing and learning."

Brandeis University
12/20/2016 Bike To Class And Make Friends With Progressive People In A Historic City DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I gained indendence, found a more specific academic field of interest, and discovered that my values are very much aligned with Danish ones. I also learned so much about Scandinavia and some Danish language. It was the most worthwhile four months of my life."

Indiana University - Bloomington