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CET Academic Programs is a program provider offering 12 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, and Research abroad programs in 8 countries such as Czech Republic, Colombia, Japan, and Taiwan.

CET Academic Programs is a study abroad organization that has been developing and operating innovative educational programs abroad since 1982. Originally “China Educational Tours,” CET began operations in Beijing, and today offers a varied portfolio of semester, summer, and customized programs for students around the world. Known for strong academics, professional program management, and supportive student services, CET strives to integrate participants into their host communities, adopt environmentally conscientious practices, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across all programs and operations.

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June 20, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Taiwan
CET Taiwan

CET Taiwan students want the best of both worlds—intensive Chinese language classes and an internship abroad. With a language curriculum that boasts plenty of individual a...


27 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Film Production at FAMU
CET Film Production at FAMU

CET Film Production at FAMU students create a film by working in groups and study at one of Europe’s top f...


5 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Jordan
CET Jordan

Want to improve your Arabic fluency by leaps and bounds? CET Jordan features rigorous courses in both form...


7 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Prague
CET Prague

Looking to study in a captivating city that is also historic and inexpensive? Seeking a great jumping-off point for exploring other destinations in Europe? At CET Prague, ...


5 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Siena
CET Siena

CET Siena is for those who want to dive in to the Italian lifestyle. Take one or two semester's worth of Italian language. There are electives in economics, computer scien...


3 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Japan
CET Japan

The CET Japan program is designed to maximize language improvement and covers at least a full year of university-level Japanese! Practice your Japanese by living in an apa...


4 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Beijing
CET Beijing

Want an intensive academic environment where Chinese is the the top priority? CET Beijing students sign a ...


2 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Brazil
CET Brazil

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and understand Brazil from a local perspective, this program is for you! The curriculum is a combination of Portuguese languag...


4 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Florence
CET Florence

Want to study in one of Italy's most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities? CET Florence is open to students of all majors, from all universities! You take one Italian languag...


1 review
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Shanghai
CET Shanghai

Want to use international experience to build an amazing résumé? CET Shanghai students get to understand the rewards and challenges of working abroad. Choose electives tha...


1 review
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Harbin
CET Harbin

Are you a serious student seeking exceptional teachers and peers who are as committed to improving their Chinese as you are? Do you want to live in a city known for its st...


8 reviews
Study Abroad Reviews for CET Colombia
CET Colombia

At CET Colombia, you’ll study race and identity through the Afro-Colombian lens. The program’s curriculum allows you to examine representations of race and ethnicity in Co...


0 reviews