SIT Study Abroad: Rwanda - Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding

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Examine the root causes of the 1994 genocide and Rwanda's ongoing efforts in fostering peace, unity, and reconciliation among its people as well as its subsequent efforts to promote economic reconstruction.This program examines the origins of conf... read more

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I gained a knew academic perspective and experienced personal growth that I don't think I would've gotten in another program, for better or worse. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
It was worthwhile. I learnt about forgiveness and peacebuilding efforts. I became more independent. I got to talk to people about the things I was learning about. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
it was very worthwhile. I was really interested in interrupting some common misconceptions and obsolete thinking about African countries and I think I did that. I also got to see how much of a privilege it is to have an American passport. I think I really needed to have this experience to make choices about my career and life in... - Berea College View Entire Review
So much knowledge, exposure, a greater understanding of the world and politics and humanity, and a generally wonderful time with amazing people. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Rwanda taught me to reconsider what is possible in terms of the human capacity for forgiveness. It was so inspiring to live among genocide survivors and perpetrators and see how they have been able to rebuild a cohesive society. That being said, I also was able to experience so many new things and grow in ways I didn't know I wo... - Wellesley College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration & Peacebuilding
Absolutely worthwhile. SIT's formatting and its staff training are fantastic for this sort of experience with this sort of learning. I love my SIT staff, my family, my SIT friends, my Rwandese friends, my memories. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
I gained everything. I grew immensely as a person, I changed in ways that I will be trying to process for a long term, I made a ton of lasting relationships, and I learned more than I could have in almost any other environment. I cannot say enough about how amazing the experience was and about how indescribably meaningful it was... - Villanova University View Entire Review
Past Review Mzungu In Rwanda
I learned so much about myself, Rwanda, and how I want the things I learned to shape my future. - Fordham University View Entire Review
Past Review Rwanda
Gave me a new perspective on the learning process and the current political climate in the world and specifically sub-saharan Africa. View Entire Review
I would have never been able to learn the things that I did about Rwanda had I not been studying in the country. I have such a good understanding of the country, and it has prompted me to continue to study this very complicated and interesting region. I now have a better idea of what I would like my comps to be. - Carleton College View Entire Review
I'm so glad I went, especially given the state of the U.S. right now even though it was not easy. I learned a lot about flexibility and patience. Academically I learned a lot about positionality. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Going to Rwanda was one of the best choices I've ever made. Looking back, I learned so much about Rwanda's history and the way that it informs modern society. I also had a very positive experience with my host family which gave me insight into Rwandan culture that I could not have gained elsewhere. It was truly a unique experien... - Georgetown University View Entire Review
Family, and I gained new perspective on life and future. Totally worthwhile. - The Evergreen State College View Entire Review
I actually believe that I became more confident in my beliefs as a result of this program. It also challenged many of my perceptions about what certain things like development, growth, forgiveness, reconciliation, love etc. looked like. Certain aspects were really hard to cope with but it was worthwhile. I recommend. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Too many things. It was incredibly worthwhile. - University of Arkansas - Fayetteville View Entire Review
My time in Rwanda was so impactful. It was entirely worthwhile - Providence College View Entire Review
Past Review Rwanda
I gained a multi-faceted view Rwandan history that I previously hadn't had, which will broaden my understanding of other conflicts and cultures in the world. Personally, I left Rwanda with close friends and a family that I didn't have before, and a greater level of confidence in my ability to adapt to new situations and cultures... - Barnard College View Entire Review
I experienced more happiness than I've ever known while abroad. - Barnard College View Entire Review
It was incredibly worthwhile to me. It reminded me how much I love living abroad. It gave me a very nuanced understanding of a specific issue that interests me. - Austin College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT: Field - Post Conflict Transformation
Yes. I learned a lot about myself and surprised myself with my own strengths. I learned so much from the lectures and research period too. - Austin College View Entire Review


Examine the root causes of the 1994 genocide and Rwanda's ongoing efforts in fostering peace, unity, and reconciliation among its people as well as its subsequent efforts to promote economic reconstruction.

This program examines the origins of conflict in Rwanda; the social, human, psychological, and economic impacts of genocide; and the challenges and opportunities of post-conflict restoration. Field visits to genocide memorials, museums, civil society organizations, and commissions working toward reconciliation are an essential part of the program. In addition, you will visit with private investors to explore their contributions to Rwanda’s rapid economic development. You will also learn about post-conflict reconciliation in a very different context during the program’s two-week excursion to northern Uganda.

Major topics of study include:

- Rwandan history and culture and the origins of conflict, ethnicity, and genocidal outbreak in Rwanda
- The institutional and collective strategies of remembrance and strategies to fight genocide denial
- The social and psychological impact of genocide on survivors and their descendants
- National and international involvement in genocide prevention and peacebuilding and the interrelations between peace, justice, reconciliation, and forgiveness
- Refugees and displaced people in post-conflict environments
- Post-genocide economic development

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • African Studies
  • Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution
  • Genocide, Holocaust Studies
Minimum GPA:
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