SIT Study Abroad: Belgrade, Budapest, and Vienna - Comparative European Perspectives on Conflict and Democracy

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Engage with sophisticated analyses of Europe’s most complex challenges around the future of war, peace, and democracy.Analyze the continent’s most pressing sociopolitical and economic challenges—including the war on Ukraine—and how they intersect ... read more

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I learned a lot about new authoritarianism, illiberalism, and populism in Serbia, Austria, and Hungary and how the history of conflict from the Ottomans to WWI and II, to the Yugoslav Wars, all have immense influence on the region to this day, through memory politics, social norms, and more. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Overall, I had mixed feelings about the semester. As parts of the overall experience ranged from amazing, insightful, and inspiring, to stifling, irrelevant, and narrow minded, it's safe to say it was a real roller-coaster ride. The Balkans are an incredible place full of every kind of person imaginable, awe-inspiring sights, an... - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor View Entire Review
This experience was "worthwhile" in terms of being able to immerse myself - as much as is possible given Western, Asian, upper middle class identities - in local cultures. I'm glad to know more about this part of the world, and to know more about myself. I've grown more resilient and less dependent on institutions to support me. - Carleton College View Entire Review
Living independently, adjusting to new cultural environments, greater insight into the history and politics of the region - Wellesley College View Entire Review
It is nearly impossible to write in this box what I learned from this experience so quickly after it has ended, but I will say that it is certainly worthwhile. If you want a fulfilling study abroad experience both academically and socially/culturally, I would highly recommend choosing an SIT program (especially the Balkans!) - Berea College View Entire Review
I fell in love with an amazing part of the world, that is extremely misunderstood in the United States. I got to meet amazing people, and make contacts that I can rely on forever. I came away so confident in what I could do academically and my ability to join this world after I graduate. I've made a lot of decisions about what I... - Brandeis University View Entire Review
Yes, i gained a much greater understanding of the region and what i want to do in my studies - Austin College View Entire Review
Absolutely. I learned so much more by living in Serbia and traveling to Kosovo, Bosnia, and Croatia than I could have in any course or book. Having the opportunity to design and conduct my own research project was also invaluable. I learned how challenging and rewarding fieldwork can be and was able to create original research o... - The University of Texas at Austin View Entire Review
An adventurous student who is willing to see an unfamiliar world and learn for it. - Carleton College View Entire Review
Yes, this program helped me focus on Peace and Conflict Studies and the Balkans region better than I could at my home institution. The independent research project experience was very enjoyable and helpful for my Honors Thesis. - Macalester College View Entire Review
Very worthwhile. Finally got the opportunity to hear personal accounts and opinions of events I had only read about in books. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
I had the opportunity to work with some NGOs and governmental organisms, which I could never have had back here. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
The obvious answer would be that it's much easier for me to write research papers. The ISP process is an invaluable experience that I wish for everyone to have, and I have learned that I want to conduct research in the future. But I also gained a lot of confidence outside of the area of academia. I feel much more comfortable ... - Brandeis University View Entire Review
It was definitely worthwhile in the sense that I was exposed to an entirely different culture and way of living. - Middlebury College View Entire Review
I gained so much confidence from my semester, and I learned that I was capable of more than I thought I was. I've also come back home with a stronger sense of what I want to do with my life, and my ISP made me incredibly excited for life after college. I definitely think my semester abroad was worthwhile, even if it was a diffic... - Fordham University View Entire Review
I just applied for a teaching assistanship program in Macedonia because I want to go back to the Balkans soon! - Grinnell College View Entire Review
I want to return to the Balkans, and I'm sure that I will. That changes my future plans, since I hadn't been sure before if I'd want to live abroad. I think I do want to spend some years in Belgrade now that I've been there. - Tufts University View Entire Review
Past Review
It definitely was... the most important thing for me on this trip was the gaining on self-confidence. Wellesley is a tough school: all the women are extremely smart and talented, and sometimes I feel like I am in an intellectual bubble. This program definitely popped that bubble for me and helped me really push myself in the f... - Wellesley College View Entire Review


Engage with sophisticated analyses of Europe’s most complex challenges around the future of war, peace, and democracy.

Analyze the continent’s most pressing sociopolitical and economic challenges—including the war on Ukraine—and how they intersect with issues of mass migration, refugee crises, and the rise of far-right nationalism and populism. You will examine the threat of illiberal democracies on the future of political organizing and evaluate impacts of civic engagement and social movements from the streets of large urban centers, where everyday citizens are demanding change.

The program’s base is the city of Belgrade, the largest urban and political center of southeast Europe known for its vibrant culture and nightlife. There, you will examine European perspectives on conflict and democracy through the lenses of EU member and non-member states, and grassroots and social movements that include Ukrainian refugees and Russians who fled to Belgrade to avoid the draft.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • European Studies
  • International Relations
  • Political Science and Government
  • History
Minimum GPA:
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