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January 29, 2023

University Information

Each year more than 50% of the junior class at Middlebury studies abroad in more than 40 countries at more than 90 different programs and universities.

Mission Statement:

International Programs supports Middlebury’s mission to cultivate the intellectual, creative, physical, ethical, and social qualities essential for leadership in a rapidly changing global community. A student’s study abroad experience should be an integral and coherent part of his or her academic program at Middlebury, enhancing the on-campus curriculum and supporting a liberal arts education. To achieve these ends, Middlebury students study abroad on academically substantive programs that foster cultural and linguistic integration.

Middlebury Schools Abroad:

Middlebury has Schools Abroad at more than 40 universities in Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Externally-Sponsored (Non-Middlebury) Programs:

Each year a significant number of Middlebury students study abroad on externally-sponsored programs (programs other than Middlebury Schools Abroad) in countries such as Australia, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and more!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Middlebury Students Study Abroad Deadline: FEBRUARY 1 (to study abroad the following fall, spring, or academic year)

Visit http://www.middlebury.edu/international/sa for more information.

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01/11/2023 I Love Taiwan CET Taiwan

"Language skills, natural beauty, many friends in the program and local"

Middlebury College
01/10/2023 I Loved Living In The City Of Stockholm It Is My Favorite Place In The World, DIS Stockholm Semester

"i learned to be bold and put myself outside of my comfort zone."

Middlebury College
01/09/2023 Go To Prague! UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"I became more worldly in my experiences and tastes in food and culture."

Middlebury College
01/09/2023 Food Tourism In Taiwan CET Taiwan

"I improved my language dramatically, which was my goal. Thus, I feel it was worthwhile."

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 Life Changing CET Taiwan

"A lot about myself and the world, Yes"

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 Very Fortunate To Have Had The Most Amazing Experience Studying Abroad. The University of New South Wales: Sydney - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned how to integrate myself into the lives of students who have been living together for multiple years. I also learned how to navigate and travel in a country where I did not initially know anyone. It was most definitely worthwhile. "

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 Self Development And A Look Into The Future Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury – CMRS Oxford Humanities Program

"I learnt about myself, my resilience and my future ambitions"

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 Fulfilling, Comprehensive, And Life Changing! Frontiers Abroad: New Zealand Earth Systems

"Yes!!! I have gained a totally new career direction and passions through my time abroad, as well as language skills, understanding of indigenous science, great friendships, and experience living independently. "

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 Europe As My Classroom DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Yes! I learned more about how to be independent, how to live in a city, and how to learn from and appreciate foreign cultures."

Middlebury College
01/08/2023 A Taste Of Being Swedes DIS Stockholm Semester

"I think the cultural aspect was the most valuable. field studies and cultural courses are very helpful. I really enjoyed the lifestyle of sweden"

Middlebury College
01/07/2023 Uct Is The Place To Be University of Cape Town: Cape Town - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned a lot about living on my own and I became a lot more comfortable with travel. Very worthwhile."

Middlebury College
01/07/2023 European Semester Aquincum Institute of Technology / AIT - Budapest: - Creativity in Computer Science & Software Engineering

"I think I learned a lot about independence and living on my own in addition to academic requirements. It was definitely worthwhile."

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 Amazing! Love Tel Aviv! Most Stressful Thing Was M Iddlebury Tel Aviv University: Undergraduate Semester / Year in Israel

"There needs to be a Middlebury program in Tel Aviv. Best city in world "

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 Exploring Iceland’s Spectacular Natural Beauty! SIT Study Abroad: Iceland and Greenland - Climate Change and the Arctic

"I gained an understanding of Icelandic culture and how it may influence their sustainability. I met a lot of Icelandic people as well as fellow American students that I learned a lot from. I loved exploring the diverse and beautiful natural places. I also thought the Arctic Circle conference was a very valuable experience"

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 Abroad Changed Me! CET Taiwan

"I learned a lot of Chinese, met awesome people, and learned more about myself and the world. Very worthwhile. "

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 The City And Program Was Great, But Professors Were Iffy UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"Yes, I loved spending months in Prague, as the people are incredibly kind and interesting."

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 Amazing Time In Prague! IEF - International Economics and Finance Program (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"So worthwhile. Saw every country I wanted to!"

Middlebury College
01/06/2023 Lots Of Personal Growth And Professional Exposure. Chinese University of Hong Kong: Hong Kong - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Lots of personal growth; many opportunities for professional exposure. The downside was the anthropology course were less research-based than most of my home institution."

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Glad It's Over, Glad It Happened University of Edinburgh: Edinburgh - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned to be alone and even more self-reliant. More importantly, I learned how much I value and need social interaction."

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 It Was Great! CET Taiwan

"I learned more about Taiwanese culture and history."

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Dis Study Abroad Stockholm DIS Stockholm Semester

"Overall it was a great experience. I was able to get an understanding of Swedish and Nordic culture and explore other parts of Europe during travelling breaks as well. "

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Unforgettable DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Independance, a new language"

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Very Restrictive Program American Councils (ACTR): Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies Program (RLASP)

"I improved my Russian some and learned about Kazakh culture. It was worthwhile but it could have been way better on a different program."

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Overall An Amazing Program! Expensive But Felt Worthwhile For The Experiences. DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"It was definitely worthwhile! I gained a lot of confidence in myself and really grew in my independence. "

Middlebury College
01/05/2023 Study Abroad UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"Learned about many european cultures I had never experienced before."

Middlebury College