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The Hong Kong internship program provides you with all the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding. Quality accommodation, all your travel in Hong Kong, cultural & social events, mentoring and 2... read more

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Yes it was worthwhile and it will enhance my career experience - University of Roehampton View Entire Review
Even though you are on the other side of the world, there are still a lot of things we, the people, have in common. However, there are still differences in culture and it is interesting to learn about those. - HAN University of Applied Sciences View Entire Review
May 17, 2017 Unreal Experience
Most certainly worthwhile. You'll learn so much about another culture, and most importantly a lot about yourself if you're open to the new experience. - University of Western Australia View Entire Review
It is always worthwhile to travel or work abroad, it makes your more open minded and teaches you things you would not learn from a degree or being in a classroom or even reading a book. It teaches you how to be independent. - University of Kent View Entire Review
I did a lot of networking with the non-profit organizations and had exposure to the various projects on the job and enjoyed the challenge View Entire Review
Fully worthwhile. Gained fantastic work experience, made great friends, learnt about a new utterly different culture. - City, University of London View Entire Review
Definitely a worthwhile experience, learning basic skills in everyday life definitely helps you as an individual grow. This opportunity abroad helped me connect with others around the world and most importantly realise the value of networking in today's globalised world. - University of Technology - Sydney / UTS View Entire Review
during these work days, my English skills have improved and I learned a lot about how to develop client relationship through many channel no matter in online contact, phone call or face to face talking. My supervisor was kind and very patient to teach me and guide me through all the new things for me. - Loughborough University View Entire Review
It was definitely worthwhile. I knew lots of friends from different cultural backgrounds. - University of California - Davis View Entire Review
September 14, 2016 Amazing Experience
I learned a lot about the culture and the city. If I do have the opportunity in the future, I might consider working in HK for a few years. - University of California - Los Angeles / UCLA View Entire Review
Independence as lived by myself for the first time - Boston University View Entire Review
How to better fit in to my industry as a whole and operate in a foreign market. - University of Birmingham View Entire Review
It was definitely worthwhile because you get to experience different cultures and lifestyle other then your own. Keep an open mind and you will have fun. - University of Texas - Dallas View Entire Review
I learned some things about fashion, which was my main objective. Also, I saw how was to live in a very big city like Hong Kong and I realised that finding a job abroad is not easy these days. It was worthwhile, yes. - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile/ Pontifical Catholic University of Chile View Entire Review
Too much to type - definitely worth it - University of Nottingham View Entire Review
May 08, 2017 Excellent
I was able to gain enough knowledge to get hired by the company that I interned with. - Methodist University View Entire Review
Industry/commercial exposure, genuine cultural immersion and various transferable skills. Definitely worthwhile. - Lancaster University View Entire Review
March 30, 2017 Game Changer.
I came here with the intention to pivot into an industry I was entirely unfamiliar with. This program provided me with the right exposure into the financial technologies industry that I was expected. In fact, I could definitely say that it exceeded my exposure. Further, I live by a work hard; play hard mentality. The work exp... - Heriot-Watt University View Entire Review
I have been working in an internship for start-up company that specialises in a digital marketing platform. This has been particularly exciting, as I have had the opportunity to work in a close knit team as they prepare to launch their brand new product which is a comprehensive guide to Chinese social media. I see Hong Kong a... - Australian National University View Entire Review
it was very worthwhile, i learned to adapt to a different culture - Universität Wien / University of Vienna View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with The Intern Group: Hong Kong Internship Placement Program
October 04, 2016 Amazing
The experience was definitely worthwhile, I enjoyed every minute of it! I made many new friends from around the world who I have stayed in contact with. I was very nervous about going to a place outside of my comfort zone however it was definitely worth the risk as I learned to be more independent. The thought of going to Hong K... - University of Birmingham View Entire Review
I have definitely gained alot of social skills due to my multi cultural work place where I could meet people from across the globe. Furthermore I have gained many practical and organisational skills required at a work place. This experience have given me a lot of self confidence and thought me that initiative and hard work are k... - University of Birmingham View Entire Review
Learnt a great deal about myself and how to be much more independent. Also learnt a lot of technical knowledge about my field. - Oxford Brookes University View Entire Review
It was totally worth it . I got the unique experience from work and also from living with the international students that are now my good friends - Queen Mary University of London View Entire Review
To be honest, I have been abroad many of times. However, from Hong Kong, I learned that it is a very busy city, and the financial center in Asia. One must adapt to a busy/ fast pace life style, if one plans to live in Asia. For me, I do not plan on working/living in Asia because the lifestyle is not meant for me. It was absolute... - University of Arizona View Entire Review


The Hong Kong internship program provides you with all the stability and support necessary to ensure that your experience is fruitful and rewarding. Quality accommodation, all your travel in Hong Kong, cultural & social events, mentoring and 24/7 full-time local support are all included along with your Hong Kong internship.

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