SIT Study Abroad: China - Health, Environment, and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Discover China’s rich multicultural history and pressing health and environmental issues in Yunnan Province and Beijing.Study the role of indigenous knowledge in health preservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development in China.H... read more

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It was of course worthwhile. I think you learn more about your home country when you study abroad. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT China: Language, Cultures & Ethnic Minorities
Everything, literally. I initially wanted to go to Shanghai because I didn't even know what was special about Kunming. But after being there and going to travel to Shanghai, I do not repent at all. Kunming shows you the real China, what the culture is like, what the people are like and most of all what China was before and is ... - Brandeis University View Entire Review
I had an amazing experience that could not of happened without SIT. I learned so much about China through a hands on experience. I also learned how to do field work, which taught me how to figure things out by myself. This program definitely gave me a renewed sense of confidence. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT China: Language, Cultures & Ethnic Minorities
I learned to form meaningful relationships cross-culturally and how to stay flexible and adapt to new situations. This experience also enabled me to find a clearer direction and focus in my life: I want to work in China and get involved with sustainable development. It taught me how important history is shaping and understanding... - The University of Texas at Austin View Entire Review
My experience in China was absolutely worthwhile. Originally I had serious doubts about coming, but now that the semester is almost complete, I could not have imagined if I had planned to return to PC for spring semester. The experience was intense, and continues to be, but it has resulted in so many personal signs of growth and... - Providence College View Entire Review
Yes definitely. it brought me a better understanding of the word "different". and of the sentence. "it is not better, it is not worse, it is different". I think (and I hope) that I have gained in tolerance and awareness toward others. The experience reinforced my wish to work abroad. - Austin College View Entire Review
i am thankful and feel that I have grown, but I am most thankful that I took the time to have this experience because i now have my life leading in a new direction. - Austin College View Entire Review
I began to understand that China is not a one-dimensional country. That is the view of the media and we are spoonfed this idea in the West. In fact, China is a beautiful country not always governed by the government. I can't say that my future academic interests were changed but I know that I want to help somebody. And I don't w... - Pacific Lutheran University View Entire Review
Past Review
Yes! I gained insight into the heterogeneity of Chinese culture which is often masked in Western discourses. - Tufts University View Entire Review
Through the independent study project, I made many contacts that will help me in my professional aspirations down the road. I am using those contacts to help me return to China for a research internship this upcoming summer. - Colorado State University View Entire Review
The experience was absolutely worthwhile. I feel more confident about my traveling abillities, as well as my ability to learn a difficult language. - Trinity University View Entire Review
Past Review Living In China
Study abroad was definitely worthwhile. I think I grew, matured, and learned more about myself in that short 4 month period. - Austin College View Entire Review
I learned to let things go and not be organized all the time. That realization alone made the trek to China worthwhile. - Austin College View Entire Review
Definitely going to have China and research in my career. - The University of Texas at Austin View Entire Review
My program taught me more than I could have imagined about my host country, and put me in touch with people who I'll be in contact with for a long time. It was a very worthwhile experience. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
I definitely think my study abroad program was worth while. It showed me many parts of China that most foreigners do not get to see, but beyond that, showed the many disparities in wealth and culture that can exist even in a small portion of the country. - Austin College View Entire Review
Past Review
completely worthwhile, it didn't really change my future plans or academic interests but it furthered them for sure. - Providence College View Entire Review


Discover China’s rich multicultural history and pressing health and environmental issues in Yunnan Province and Beijing.
Study the role of indigenous knowledge in health preservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development in China.Health-related indigenous knowledge is articulated in history, religion, environmental stewardship and other practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and ethnic minority healing systems. On excursion to minority areas, you’ll see the distinct cultural, consumption, and generational shifts that have accompanied unprecedented economic and environmental change in recent decades.

Observe western and Chinese health concepts and practices in a range of settings.You will also be exposed to the challenges associated with China’s health issues and governmental, social and individual strategies underway to assess and manage them. As part of your health study, you will discuss preservation of indigenous health concepts and examine China’s healthcare system and its reform; urbanization/globalization and health; food and health; environment, health and culture; and behavior and health.

Earn up to 10 credits of Chinese.You will undertake 90 class hours (six credits) of Chinese language instruction. No matter what your skill level is, you’ll receive training in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Chinese. Through a combination of interactive classroom learning, cultural immersion on campus, and the practical application of language skills in homestays and during excursions, you can make tremendous progress in your Chinese language skills over the course of the semester. The language program is distinguished by its excellent teacher-to-student ratio; in addition, you will be partnered with Chinese university students so you can practice Chinese with native speakers and apply what you learn in the classroom to the informal conditions of everyday life. Through structured and unstructured language learning and daily interactions with your host families, you will refine your communications skills while becoming acclimated to the local culture. You may pursue further language study in the last month of the semester and earn an additional four credits.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
  • Chinese - Mandarin
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • Chinese Language, Literature
  • Public Health
Minimum GPA:
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