SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Social Movements and Human Rights

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Study Argentina's social movements and the country's historical and current struggles to guarantee human rights for its diverse populations.Located in the vibrant capital city of Buenos Aires, this program examines Argentina’s prolific and highly ... read more

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I learned so much about the political history and ongoing social justice efforts around Argentina. The other students were great, supportive and excited to explore the city together. - Oberlin College View Entire Review
I developed a much greater confidence in my abilities to be independent in a foreign setting. I also found a comfort with trying new things and getting to experience a new place that eventually became a home away from home for me. I also feel like the academic setting really pushed me to explore new ideas and to go deeper on the... - Bethel University View Entire Review
December 17, 2019 Great Experience!
I became a lot more independent and confident in myself. - Colgate University View Entire Review
Everything, and absolutely. - Occidental College View Entire Review
It was worthwhile. I gained a broader understanding of the largeness of the world, experiencing along the way a new culture and some of the nicest people I've met. I met people who I hope to be in contact with on a long term basis, and I enriched both my academic and linguistic skills. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
My fluency noticeably improved, as well as my confidence in using the language. Academically, I gained experience in completing my own research project. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
January 28, 2019 Spectacular
It was extremely worthwhile!!! I learned so much not just academically but personally about myself and as cheesy as it sounds I definitely came back changed in all good ways! - Loyola University Chicago View Entire Review
Became fluent. Made lifelong friends. Grew close to my host family. YES - Washington University in St. Louis View Entire Review
YES SO WORTHWHILE. Gained friends, stories, the ability to really just go for it and do so much out of my comfort zone, how to deal with myself, how to deal with awkward situations. I learned equally about me as an individual as I learned in terms of academic content and language development. Such a rewarding experience, I think... - Trinity University View Entire Review
Study abroad really changes you as person. You mature emotionally, socially, and academically. I came back from Argentina a more educated, passionate, and confident individual. - Claremont McKenna College View Entire Review
Yes, the program was definitely worthwhile. I learned that studying abroad can open up a wide variety of opportunities to learn others' culture and learn more about one's self. As the individualism slowly fades the cares of others' begins to take presidence in your life. - Spelman College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Social Movements and Human Rights
A lot of personal development in terms of exploring alone in a new city and knowing more about my likes/dislikes along with how to advocate those things. - Wellesley College View Entire Review
Yes! I learned better patience and I am now more independent. - Ursinus College View Entire Review
An immeasurable number of things. Knowledge of self. Knowledge of the world. I live differently now (better, more mindful and more relaxed and generally more content). It was undoubtedly worthwhile - Muhlenberg College View Entire Review
My experience abroad gave a view into a different style of living as my host mom lives a minimalist, no-waste lifestyle. I also got to attend a lot of deeply stimulating conferences and talks that gave me a lot of academic contacts and information. - Smith College View Entire Review
September 18, 2019 The Best Semester
It was more than worthwhile - it changed my perspective, my goals, my sense of the world, and my view of myself. I am so grateful for the people I met along the way who I know call friends. - University of Virginia View Entire Review
August 05, 2019 My Experience In Ba
Yes absolutely. Above all, I learned how to live independently and navigate when confronted with challenging situations. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
I learned a lot about myself and became really self-reliant. I took risks and tried new things. I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to go abroad and have this experience. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
It was a great experience that gave me a much more global perspective that we learn in the US and allowed me to continue my studies of labor movements abroad. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
The experiential learning aspect of SIT gives students the opportunity to learn from the people and organizations who are most affected by issues of human rights and social justice. - Davidson College View Entire Review
Past Review Lots Of Learning
Very worthwhile- gained self confidence - Brandeis University View Entire Review
I learned a lot about how organizing is so ingrained in Argentina, and how that translates to a very different political culture than we have the in the United States. With that being said, it made me consider more deeply what it means to be from the United States, and the conceptions I have of certain things that culturally spe... - Davidson College View Entire Review
Past Review Incredible
See above. Yes. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
We, as foreigners, don't know anything about a certain country, its history, social issues, language, etc until you experience and learn from it from its people. - Marist College View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Social Movements and Human Rights
I gained a new perspective on the world and learned a lot about the politics and culture of Argentina, in addition to what we learned in classes. I really enjoyed the experiential nature of the program in that a lot of learning took place on visits, trips, etc. outside of the classroom. It was definitely worthwhile and I will ne... - Brandeis University View Entire Review


Study Argentina's social movements and the country's historical and current struggles to guarantee human rights for its diverse populations.

Located in the vibrant capital city of Buenos Aires, this program examines Argentina’s prolific and highly dynamic social movements. The program’s office is in one of the most renowned research institutions in Buenos Aires, the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES), one of the top think tanks in Latin America. You will meet with social activists, local scholars, indigenous leaders, rural organizers, popular educators, environmental advocates, female and worker activists, and community muralists.

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • Spanish
Language Requirement(s):
  • Spanish
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Latin American Studies
  • Spanish Language, Literature
  • Hispanic and Latin American Languages, Literature
  • Sociology
Minimum GPA:
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