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November 28, 2021

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Study Abroad programs are organized by international education organizations, otherwise known as “program providers.” Program providers can be affiliated with a regular college or university, or they can be separate non-profit organizations. These providers work with academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad to create study opportunities that vary in duration from a summer, semester, or year in length.


All eligibility requirements remain in effect up to the point of departure

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (please note some programs may require a higher CGPA)

Must be in at least Junior standing at time of departure

Declared a major prior to December 1st of Sophomore year

Enroll in a minimum of 15 credits per semester abroad

No serious disciplinary record or current probation​

Important Dates and Deadlines

No important dates configured.
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Past Review (No Title) Arcadia: Galway - National University of Ireland, Galway

"My Study Abroad experience was the time of my life. I have learned a lot about myself and have gained independence. It allowed me to see Europe and all that it has to offer. If you can, deffinatley travel both Ireland as well as Europe. Just to let you know, almost all Irish students go home on weekends so you wont be missing mu..."

Providence College
Past Review (No Title) Arcadia: Galway - National University of Ireland, Galway

"I would recommend studying abroad to any student. I think it was a great experience that I will never forget."

Providence College
Past Review The Irish Love To Have A Good Time. Arcadia: Limerick - University of Limerick

"Absolutely. Stepping out of your confort zone gives you a lot of confidence. Meeting new people and adapting to a new culture is important and gives a much better perspective on life. "

Providence College
Past Review (No Title) Arcadia: London - London Internship Program

"I gained more from the experience than I can put into words. Before I left, I talked to friends who studied abroad and all they could say were positive things. I am in a very similar situation. All I can say about studying abroad is: go, do it, I have never met anyone who regretted their experience."

Providence College
Past Review National University Ireland IFSA: Galway - National University Ireland

"My study abroad experience was very worthwhile. I gained so many different friends, that I would have never met if I never studied abroad. I gained self confidence in regards to meeting new people and traveling and a new self of independence. It was a great experience."

Providence College
Past Review Abroad In Praha AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"As I have said coming to Praha changed me in a way I would have thought impossible 5 months ago. You leave with a whole new outlook on the world and yourself. It is perhaps clique to say that a study abroad experience is life changing, but for me and many of the friends I made and have talked to since coming home, it is. This se..."

Providence College
Past Review Study Abroad Will Be One Of The Best Experiences Of Your Life CIEE: Paris - Critical + Francophone Studies

"I have no regrets. I am a better person for going, and I feel that those who did not go abroad missed a vital growing experience in their lives."

Providence College
Past Review Prague Study Abroad AIFS: Prague - Charles University

"Most definitely! Such a different experience from being at PC which is refreshing and really does open your eyes up to new things other than the PC bubble. "

Providence College