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Experience a Truly Global Education as You Live and Learn in Three Different Countries!By taking you to three countries in a single semester, Discover the World offers a multi-faceted perspective on European culture and politics. Through our acade... read more

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I gained the confidence to travel to completely foreign places and meet new people, away from anything and anyone familiar. It was completely worthwhile, and I plan on continuing this type of travel in the future. - Fordham University View Entire Review
Studying Abroad was the best experience I could have every asked for, it expanded the way that I thought of every aspect of my life. I learned that tomorrow is a new day but I have to enjoy today before I can enjoy tomorrow. - St. John's University View Entire Review
Discover the World has changed my life dramatically. By exposing me to three different countries, I came to learn the universal similarities and differences amongst cultures and among individuals. It has taught me to critique my own nation, while showing me how fortunate I am to live in the society I am in now. Being my first ti... - St. John's University View Entire Review
My time abroad was extremely worthwhile and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am so grateful for this unique experience to travel around Europe and to get a more fuller understanding of different cultures. - St. John's University View Entire Review
Amazingly YES!!!!! - St. John's University View Entire Review
life and the world around it. - St. John's University View Entire Review


Experience a Truly Global Education as You Live and Learn in Three Different Countries!
By taking you to three countries in a single semester, Discover the World offers a multi-faceted perspective on European culture and politics. Through our academic offerings and service activities, you'll encounter extraordinary opportunities to engage with the people and cultures of modern Europe. Above all, you'll build a stronger academic portfolio by living and learning in three European cities in one semester. Our vibrant academics and onsite learning are the hallmarks of Discover the World: Europe. Classes transform these host cities’ cultural and historic resources by making them key components of your learning experience.

Students will live and learn in the following cities during the semester:
Rome: Just minutes from the Vatican City and other historic locations, our Rome campus is your base while exploring Italy. You’ll stay in our renovated campus, where you’ll enjoy sizable rooms, shared kitchens, a beautiful courtyard, air conditioning and WiFi.
Paris: Our campus puts you in the middle of the City of Light. Located in the 6th arrondissement, just steps from many of the city’s cultural and historic attractions, the amenities in this home away from home include a cafeteria, WiFi, air conditioning, and communal study and lounge areas.
Seville: St. John’s partners with the University of Seville, where you’ll study on the Reina Mercedes campus—roughly a 10-minute bus ride from the historic city center—and live at the nearby Inturjoven international residence, which offers a great way to interact with people from throughout the world. The residence features private bathrooms, WiFi, and a cafeteria—and many rooms have shared balconies.

Rome: With so much to see in Rome, it’s hard to know where to start! Our Rome staff will lead you through sites such as the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican, Ostia Antica, Villa d’Este, and Cinecittà film studios (where movies like Gangs of New York and the Life Aquatic were filmed). Looking for something different? Explore your faith through a Papal Audience, or play soccer (calcio in Italian) with our staff. And if you’re interested in mastering Italian, be sure to participate in a language exchange with local students.
Paris: You’ll visit landmarks such as trips to the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Montmartre (where most of Amélie takes place), Sacre-Coeur, Versailles, and the American cemetery in Normandy. Want to meet Parisian students? Be sure to participate in the mixers arranged with area schools.  Practice your French while making new friends!
Seville: Start off your time in Seville through a guided river cruise on the Guadalquivir that ends with a walking tour—and a tour of different local foods. In addition, you’ll explore the Plaza de España (the site of the World’s Fair), the Museo de Bellas Artes, and one of the true treasures of Moorish Spain, the Alcazar. Want to go further afield? Explore the natural beauty of the Aracenas caves (Google an image—you’ll be amazed), visit the La Calera bull ranch, or travel with the staff to a beach town in Portugal.

Service Learning
Helping to change lives is an inspiring experience – one that sets studying abroad with St. John’s apart. In the past year, our students committed nearly 5,000 hours to service sites worldwide. You’ll make a real difference through activities like teaching English to local students, serving in soup kitchens and mentoring school children. Best of all, volunteering lets you actively engage the people in your new host city.

Discover the World: Europe features an innovative, modular class format that splits your 15-week semester into three, five-week sessions. This way, you’ll have one or two courses in each city, allowing you to fully concentrate on and absorb your course work.Courses offered:
Art & Architecture in France
Economics of Poverty & Income Inequality
French Level I
Religions of the World
The City of Rome
Italian Level I
Moral Theology of the Marketplace
International Business
Language & Culture of Spain
Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Spanish Level III
History of the Church
Integrative Seminar Courses (online)
Integrative Seminar: Politics of the European Union in Paris, Rome and Seville
Integrative Seminar on the European Union: Arts, Architecture & Culture in Spain, France and Italy

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Study Abroad
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  • Fall
  • Spring
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  • French
  • Italian
  • English
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