Truman State University

April 20, 2018

University Information

Truman offers you the amazing opportunity to choose from more than 50 countries in which to study. The language of instruction depends on the program you select – from some programs that require extensive knowledge of a foreign language to others that require little or no knowledge of a language other than English.

Participating in a study abroad program as part of your Truman experience will enhance your undergraduate years, help in your preparation as a citizen of the world, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Important Dates and Deadlines

See the study abroad office for specific program deadlines.

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Past Review Australia: Loving The Life Down Under Truman State University / CCIS: Gold Coast - Study Abroad at Bond University

"Absolutely! The experience changes you in so many ways its hard to describe and I have yet to find a problem with any of these changes."

Truman State University
Past Review My Life As A Muscovite Truman State University / CCIS: Moscow - Study Abroad at the GRINT Center

"I gained a new experience of how others view Americans and how i can disprove their thinking. "

Truman State University
Past Review Korea: Go Big Or Go Home CIEE: Seoul - Arts and Sciences

"Absolutely. I feel more confident traveling on my own and functioning as an individual in a foreign setting. I am now much more interested in Asia in general than I was before, and am left with a strong desire to learn more Korean."

Truman State University