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February 21, 2018

University Information

Each year more than 50% of the junior class at Middlebury studies abroad in more than 40 countries at more than 90 different programs and universities.

Mission Statement:

International Programs supports Middlebury’s mission to cultivate the intellectual, creative, physical, ethical, and social qualities essential for leadership in a rapidly changing global community. A student’s study abroad experience should be an integral and coherent part of his or her academic program at Middlebury, enhancing the on-campus curriculum and supporting a liberal arts education. To achieve these ends, Middlebury students study abroad on academically substantive programs that foster cultural and linguistic integration.

Middlebury Schools Abroad:

Middlebury has Schools Abroad at more than 40 universities in Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Externally-Sponsored (Non-Middlebury) Programs:

Each year a significant number of Middlebury students study abroad on externally-sponsored programs (programs other than Middlebury Schools Abroad) in countries such as Australia, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and more!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Middlebury Students Study Abroad Deadline: FEBRUARY 1 (to study abroad the following fall, spring, or academic year)

Visit http://www.middlebury.edu/international/sa for more information.

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02/20/2018 A Good Experience Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Delhi

"During the program, I had the chance to travel to lots of different places in India, which allows me to witness the diversity that is presented in this country. "

Middlebury College
02/16/2018 Awesome Experience I Will Never Forget Arcadia: Sydney - University of New South Wales

"learned about my self and my passions"

Middlebury College
02/14/2018 The Best 5 Months Of My Entire Life The University of New South Wales: Sydney - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned so much. I learned how to be independent, live on my own, and make new friends and have new experiences in a foreign place. It was 10000% worthwhile. "

Middlebury College
02/14/2018 Awesome UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"The love for travel"

Middlebury College
02/14/2018 Surprising: Worse In Ways I Wasn't Expecting, Better In Ways I Wasn't Expecting Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Mainz

"Opened my eyes to opportunities on a global scale"

Middlebury College
02/14/2018 The Best Four Months Of My Life UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"I gained a new sense of independence and met so many new people. It was beyond worthwhile. "

Middlebury College
02/14/2018 Study Abroad In Copenhagen, And Maybe Never Come Back... DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"The Danish language, a connection to my culture, a beautiful norwegian wife... so basically everything I could have asked for and more. Well, I still live in Copenhagen with plans of starting a family here, so yeah, I guess you could say it was worthwhile. "

Middlebury College
02/13/2018 Hardest And The Best Time University of Otago: Dunedin - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned about myself and I grew stronger as a person"

Middlebury College
02/13/2018 Living My Best Life In Amsterdam CIEE: Amsterdam - Business + Culture

"I want to move back to Amsterdam"

Middlebury College
02/13/2018 This Study Abroad Experience Changed My Life. SIT Study Abroad: Indonesia - Arts, Religion, and Social Change

"So very much. A completely different perspective on the world from the SE Asian vantage point, learning first hand about the problematic nature of post-colonialism and tourism, wonderful friends, teachers and contacts and a love of this part of the world that I didn't really know existed. "

Middlebury College
02/12/2018 Incredibly Rewarding Yestermorrow Design + Build School

"Not abroad of course, but learned so much about group process and working I a team and building science and history of VT, etc"

Middlebury College
02/12/2018 Incredible! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I became more independent and feel that I have new perspectives on the world but also more specifically gained skills and knowledge for my major"

Middlebury College
02/12/2018 Good And Fun Time In Nottingham! University of Nottingham: Nottingham - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned how to live and experience the world on my own. It was very hands-off so I gained exposure on self-managing my workload. "

Middlebury College
02/12/2018 Amazing!! The University of New South Wales: Sydney - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned a lot about living independently and budgeting myself."

Middlebury College
02/12/2018 Put A Seatbelt On; The Ride Is Wild Arcadia: London - King's College London

"So many life skills, problem solving, travel logistics, coping with issues and learning how to manage everything, cooking, safety, transportation...etc."

Middlebury College
02/11/2018 Great Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Madrid, Spain

"Living with other people is hard"

Middlebury College
02/09/2018 Fun And Eye Opening CIEE: Amsterdam - Social Sciences

"i gained a lot of independence. i gained a greater respect for other cultures."

Middlebury College
02/09/2018 Tough Living And Good Classes In A Beautiful, If Harsh, Place Round River Conservation Studies - Patagonia, Chile Program

"Cultural immersion, Spanish practice, and community engagement were worthwhile."

Middlebury College
02/08/2018 A Great Intro To Morocco Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury In Rabat, Morocco

"Language skills, culture"

Middlebury College
02/07/2018 Interesting Experience Rangjung Yeshe Institute: Nepal - Center for Buddhist Studies Summer Program

"learn to navigate different cultures and understanding what I've learnt in class in context "

Middlebury College
02/05/2018 A Valuable Experience With Incredible People In The Most Creative City! Goldsmiths, University of London: London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned how to live on my own in a foreign country. I learned invaluable information from my awesome classes in music computing, computing, and music. Absolutely worthwhile!"

Middlebury College
02/04/2018 An Invaluable Period Of Cultural, Personal And Intellectual Growth University College London (UCL): London - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned so much about how to live independently in a (foreign) city, and how to forge new relationships with people from such diverse backgrounds. I gained invaluable exposure to European cities, culture, people, institutions and environments, and was able to grow not only academically but personally as well."

Middlebury College
02/01/2018 Profound Experience UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"Experienced a whole new culture/way of life"

Middlebury College