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July 3, 2022

University Information

Each year more than 50% of the junior class at Middlebury studies abroad in more than 40 countries at more than 90 different programs and universities.

Mission Statement:

International Programs supports Middlebury’s mission to cultivate the intellectual, creative, physical, ethical, and social qualities essential for leadership in a rapidly changing global community. A student’s study abroad experience should be an integral and coherent part of his or her academic program at Middlebury, enhancing the on-campus curriculum and supporting a liberal arts education. To achieve these ends, Middlebury students study abroad on academically substantive programs that foster cultural and linguistic integration.

Middlebury Schools Abroad:

Middlebury has Schools Abroad at more than 40 universities in Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Externally-Sponsored (Non-Middlebury) Programs:

Each year a significant number of Middlebury students study abroad on externally-sponsored programs (programs other than Middlebury Schools Abroad) in countries such as Australia, Botswana, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and more!

Important Dates and Deadlines

Middlebury Students Study Abroad Deadline: FEBRUARY 1 (to study abroad the following fall, spring, or academic year)

Visit http://www.middlebury.edu/international/sa for more information.

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07/02/2022 Public Health And A Vibrant Community In Chile Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Valparaiso

"I was able to get to know a new city in a different country and really feel at home there. While the language immersion was difficult at first, I really appreciated the opportunity to "

Middlebury College
07/02/2022 The Best Semester Of My College Experience! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Paris

"I feel so much more comfortable in French now! Met incredible places and people! 100% worthwhile."

Middlebury College
07/01/2022 Absolutely Incredible upces

"Definitely worthwhile! Learned a lot about everything"

Middlebury College
07/01/2022 Great Semester In A Great City Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Cordoba, Spain

"Independence, new friends, language skills"

Middlebury College
06/30/2022 Madrid Was An Experience Of A Lifetime! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Madrid

"I gained so much and it is even hard to describe it. It was definitely worthwhile and I am so happy I got to participate!"

Middlebury College
06/30/2022 Amazing Experience! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Madrid

"I definitely improved my Spanish and learned to become more independent as it was the first time that I was away from my family in a foreign country. It was worthwhile."

Middlebury College
06/30/2022 Discovering New Things About The World And Yourself Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Valparaiso

"It was definitely worthwhile. As someone who has lived in a rural area my entire life, abroad was very intimidating at first. However, I learned that I do have the skills to navigate and be successful in a city (a foreign city!). Culturally, seeing the differences between Chile and the U.S. was very eye-opening and at times ma..."

Middlebury College
06/30/2022 New Adventures DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"How to be an autonomous person and take risks "

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 Loved Scotland, But Disappointed With The Academics University of St. Andrews: St. Andrews - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I loved exploring Scotland. I became really involved with the hiking club and loved the trips that they offered. That made it worth it. "

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 Language Abilities Approved But Studying Abroad Is Exhausting Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Madrid

"i increased my language abilities and developed a lot of independence. it was definitely worthwhile"

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 It Was Wonderful! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Paris

"Living in a whole new environment "

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 I Am So Glad That I Went And It Was A Perfect Break From Middlebury Life! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury – CMRS Oxford Humanities Program

"I think my writing definitely improved a lot! I also learned to plan my life with more agency. It was definitely worthwhile."

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 Middlebury Abroad In Florence. Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Florence

"Definitely worthwhile and experienced a worldly perspective on my racial identity. Loved witnessing a European approach to life and worldly problems, and the Italian approach to education. Could not fancy one as better or worse than the US but I am grateful for the overall experience. "

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 Valdivia! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Valdivia

"I learned about life outside the US and improved my Spanish a lot. I made some great friends."

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 Learning To Live In A Different Language! Middlebury Schools Abroad: Middlebury in Paris

"It was worthwhile because I gained independence, incredible language improvement, close local friends, and a perspective of the new culture."

Middlebury College
06/29/2022 It Was An Unbelievable Experience That I Will Remember For The Rest Of My Life. UPCES - Study Abroad in Prague (CERGE-EI, Charles University)

"Yes, it was definitely worthwhile. My ability to appreciate things and communicate well has gone up significantly"

Middlebury College
06/28/2022 Dis Is Tons Of Fun, But, Not A Program Built To Immerse You In Danish Life. DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"It was fun and cool to meet different people and experience what it’s like to live in a city! "

Middlebury College
06/27/2022 Great Time In Cph! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned so much about Danish and Scandinavian culture! I am so so glad I was able to go and take advantage of the opportunity to travel as well. "

Middlebury College
06/27/2022 I Wish I Met More Danish People And Explored The Culture More In Depth DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned how to be independent and act like an adult. "

Middlebury College
06/23/2022 Super Fun! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Definitely worthwhile. I learned how to branch out of my comfort zone and integrate into a new community. "

Middlebury College
06/23/2022 Hyggeligt! (Rough Translation: "Fun"... But It's A Lot More Than That!) DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned a lot about myself from studying abroad and what I'm capable of as a student and an emerging adult. I also gained a somewhat new perspective on some of the things I've been studying at Middlebury. It was DEFINITELY worthwhile!"

Middlebury College
06/23/2022 Edinburgh Is Amazing (But Beware Of Ifsa) IFSA: Edinburgh - University of Edinburgh

"Lot of independence Relationship management in a brand-new environment"

Middlebury College
06/23/2022 Amsterdam Is Amazing, Program Is Fine CIEE: Amsterdam - Social Sciences

"Making new connections"

Middlebury College
06/23/2022 Adventure DIS Summer in Scandinavia

"I learned to enjoy my own company at times and how to branch out at the same time. There is so much more out there. Yes."

Middlebury College
06/22/2022 Rewarding And Challenging IFSA: Edinburgh - University of Edinburgh

"I learned to cook and travel by myself, I learned to be more resilient with unknown academic climates and expectations, I saw new parts of the world and met interesting people."

Middlebury College