Study Abroad Scholarship Directory

To help with the funding of your study abroad, we have compiled this list of scholarship opportunities offered by providers of study abroad programs and foreign host universities. In this directory you will see information from these organizations, which may help you fund your dream of study abroad.

Many other resources exist, including those from your home university, you should check with your study abroad office for a list of these. You might also consider how study abroad may impact your existing university Financial Aid package, as the cost of your education will change.

We also recommend you consider a crowd funding campaign for your study abroad. Abroad101 awards money each week to a student with study abroad crowd-funding mission on

Confused by all the complexities surrounding study abroad? Check out Affordable College's Guide to Finding and Financing Study Abroad for some answers and tips.


1 scholarship available across 9 programs

IPSL's goal is to help all students go abroad. Please check the IPSL website program pages for various types of scholarships.


Spanish Studies Abroad

1 scholarship available across 9 programs

We offer two scholarship options for students attending our regular academic programs in Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Argentina (this does not include faculty-led programs). You may submit an application to only one scholarship: Merit-Based or Diversity. Students may apply for the Merit-Based or Diversity Scholarship prior to their acceptance in an SSA program, but only accepted students may receive a scholarship. *Please note: Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarships cannot be applied to program costs, including tuition. Scholarships are meant to offset extra expenses while abroad, such as flights, gifts, entertainment, etc.

$500 - $1500

Abbey Road Programs

1 scholarship available across 9 programs

Abbey Road offers various partial summer fellowships and scholarships annually to its summer programs.


Asia Exchange

1 scholarship available across 9 programs

Asia Exchange wishes to encourage students to study abroad in Asia. We award several 500 USD scholarships every year.


SEA Semester

9 scholarships available across 9 programs

One award per year is available to a resident of Canada participating in a SEA Semester.

Up to $5,000

One award per year available to a deserving Journalism major.


Our most prestigious award. One is available for each SEA Semester class (excluding the SEA Summer Session). Criteria are: Academic excellence, community service and leadership experience.


Multiple awards are available for every SEA Semester class, including the SEA Summer Session. This award is based on academic achievement, educational experiences and intellectual curiosity.

Up to $5,000

Available to students enrolling in SEA Semester from colleges operating on a trimester or quarter calendar. Not applicable to SEA Summer Session or SEA Trimester Program due to the already reduced cost of these programs.


One award per year is available to a deserving Colgate University student accepted to a SEA Semester class.


For Bermuda students enrolled in SEA Semester, SEA will match the scholarship value for any student who receives an award from The National Transportation Board or the Bermuda Zoological Association.


If you learned about SEA Semester from an alumnus or alumna of our program, you may be eligible for this award.

Up to $2,500

One award is available per each SEA Semester class for a student from one of the five colleges in the "5-College Consortium" (Smith College, Mt. Holyoke College, Amherst College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Hampshire College).