Study Abroad Scholarship Directory

To help with the funding of your study abroad, we have compiled this list of scholarship opportunities offered by providers of study abroad programs and foreign host universities. In this directory you will see information from these organizations, which may help you fund your dream of study abroad.

Many other resources exist, including those from your home university, you should check with your study abroad office for a list of these. You might also consider how study abroad may impact your existing university Financial Aid package, as the cost of your education will change.

We also recommend you consider a crowd funding campaign for your study abroad. Abroad101 awards money each week to a student with study abroad crowd-funding mission on

Confused by all the complexities surrounding study abroad? Check out Affordable College's Guide to Finding and Financing Study Abroad for some answers and tips.

World Endeavors

2 scholarships available across 27 programs

This scholarship is available to applicants interested in participating in any World Endeavors program of at least 3 weeks in duration. As a travel correspondent, a participant will submit video blogs, blog entries, photo essays, or other media documenting their experiences abroad.

$100 - $250

This scholarship is available to student leaders of a college or university organization or social group who are interested in sharing their study, intern, or volunteer experiences with their home campus organizations.

$100 - $250

Child Family Health International (CFHI)

1 scholarship available across 27 programs

Child Family Health International is pleased to offer partial scholarships for select 2015 and 2016 program dates. Since 2007, we have provided CFHI Global Health Scholars with more than $100,000 in scholarship funding. CFHI is committed to working globally and addressing inequities. In line with this global lens, it is our policy to actively seek a diverse pool of candidates from a variety of backgrounds who are committed to the mission and vision of CFHI.



7 scholarships available across 21 programs

For CEA students who seek a global learning experience.


For CEA students who are interested in pursuing a career with global ties.


For CEA students who wish to study abroad in France and are involved in co-curricular activities centered on multi-cultural or international issues at their home campus. CEA studying at our sites in Aix-en-Provence, Paris, the French Alps, and the French Riviera are eligible to apply.


For CEA students who demonstrate a high need for additional funding.


For CEA students who excel academically.


For CEA students from diverse backgrounds or students who have had a personal experience with diversity


CEA has partnered with the Institute of International Education's Generation Study Abroad, a five-year initiative that strives to double the number of U.S. college students who study abroad, to offer this scholarship to CEA students


Study Abroad Europe

1 scholarship available across 19 programs

Study Abroad Europe Scholarship offers awards for Fall, Spring, Academic Year and Summer programs.

$ 250 - $1,000

Athena Study Abroad

5 scholarships available across 17 programs

The Benander Academic Scholarship is designed for the Athena student who can best demonstrate a true "love of learning" in his/her major area of study, and superior academic abilities. The recipient of this scholarship can be from any academic discipline, but must be able to show a strong, demonstrated passion and success in his/her field of interest.


The Iavagnilio Charitable Service Scholarship is designed for the Athena student who can best demonstrate a commitment to and active participation in charitable service in his or her community. Because we at Athena place a very high value on giving back to the world, this scholarship is aimed at rewarding students that have a history of taking initiative to make the world a better place through charitable service. Michele Iavagnilio was a young man who, through his work at the Cireneo Onlus Foundation, selflessly dedicated his efforts to helping and teaching autistic children everything from the simplest everyday task of tying their shoelaces, to more difficult concepts of expressing emotions or needs. He would even go above and beyond his basic job duties by recycling his old toys to present as gifts to the children to make their lives happier and brighter. Tragically, Michele died at the age of 25 in the devastating earthquake in the Italian city of L'Aquila in April 2009.


The McKay Global Citizen Scholarship is designed for the Athena student who can best demonstrate an interest in and intention to promote the concept of social justice at a city, state, national, and/or global level. Because students that study abroad become many of our world's future leaders, it is extremely important that these students consider ways to become globally competent citizens. The recipient of this award must demonstrate an initiative to give back to society, an awareness of global community, and an intent to apply the skills and lessons learned abroad to his/her future endeavors.


The Penny Scholarships are available to students studying abroad at specific Athena campuses overseas. For this academic year, students studying at the Rome, Italy, Tuscania, Italy and/or the Seville, Spain campuses are eligible to apply for the Penny Scholarships.


The Athena Summer Service Scholarship is available to students studying abroad for a summer at any of Athena's campuses overseas. The purpose of this scholarship is to support Athena's mission of creating a service-minded global community.

Up to $400