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SIT Study Abroad is a program provider offering 72 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 38 countries such as Australia, Cameroon, Chile, and Ecuador.

A pioneer in experiential, field-based study abroad, SIT Study Abroad provides academically engaging semester and summer programs in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East for undergraduate students.

SIT Study Abroad programs examine critical global issues in a specific cultural and geographical context. Studying with host country faculty and living with families, students gain a deep appreciation for local cultures, develop language skills, and become immersed in diverse topics ranging from the politics of identity to post-conflict transformation, from global health to environmental policy.

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Based on 1342 Reviews
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April 21, 2024
01/06/2024 I Built A Life For Myself In Buenos Aires SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Social Movements and Human Rights

"I grew significantly in my Spanish ability. I also gained a sense of independence that I did not in 3 years of college in the United States. It was incredibly worthwhile and will inform how I think about what I want to do/where I want to live after college. "

Macalester College
01/06/2024 Great City, Great People And Fascinating Classes! SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Public Health in Urban Environments

"I would recommend this program because I loved how intimacy and specificity of the program. The small group was great because we were able to all get to know one another really well and the program staff were able to be attentive to our unique needs. The small program also allowed us to go on many excursions and visits that woul..."

Claremont McKenna College
01/06/2024 Had A Good Time But Program Not For Me SIT Study Abroad: Samoa - Social and Environmental Change in Oceania

"I learned a lot about the Pacific communities and the ways Samoa has changed over time. I learned about indigenous ways of living. I also gained new perspectives about religion, resilience, and social change. "

Middlebury College
01/05/2024 Transformational Experiential Learning SIT Study Abroad: Argentina - Social Movements and Human Rights

"I learned more than I can even begin to express in all facets of my life: personal, professional, and academic. I learned that meriendas are a non-negotiable meal of everyday, that there is such a thing as drinking too much caffeine, that community and joy are essential to organizing, that care for myself must always come first,..."

Georgetown University
01/05/2024 Unique, Life Changing Experience SIT Study Abroad: Australia - Sustainability and Environmental Action

"I gained a fresh perspective from Australians, and also gained a new perspective on the field of sustainability. "

Middlebury College
01/04/2024 Finding Myself In Cape Town SIT Study Abroad: South Africa - Multiculturalism and Human Rights

"Not only did I learn a lot about the history of colonialism in South Africa, but I also learned so much about myself. I feel much more confident in who I am now and that was entirely shaped by the conversations I had with the people there. They all offered me so much insight and clarity on my personal path."

Brandeis University
01/01/2024 The Nature Is Cool, But The People Are Even Better SIT Study Abroad: Argentina: People, Environment, and Climate Change in Patagonia and Antarctica

"I gained a strong relationship with my host family, a relationship I plan on continuing while I am in the US. I also gained many experiences in Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, which let me understand the variance between different ecosystems, even if they are of the same biome type. I also learned a lot about the Spanish langua..."

Brandeis University
12/23/2023 A Diversity Of Experiences In Morocco SIT Study Abroad: Morocco - Migration and Transnational Identity

"I learned about Morocco's history and political landscape, as well as methods of conducting research."

Wellesley College
12/18/2023 Exponential Personal Growth SIT Study Abroad: Australia - Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology

"I gained a sense of what works for me in terms of routine and how I want to live my life moving forward. It gave me a solid sense of what I would like to do as a career, which was invaluable. I also grew tremendously as both a scholar and overall person. "

Brandeis University
12/18/2023 A New Found Love For Experiential Learning. SIT Study Abroad: IHP Human Rights - Movements, Power, and Resistance

"I learned more about the ways that US foreign policy has impacted other countries around the world, which made me think proactively about my position in each of the three countries."

Wellesley College
11/09/2023 An Immeasurable Experience SIT Study Abroad: Spain - Sustainable Urban Development & Social Justice

"I learned about the stark differences between sustainable development and overall urban planning in the EU, specifically Spain, and the United States. This information was heavily reliant on experiential learning and it was 100% worthwhile."

Northern Arizona University
10/27/2023 Literal Best Summer Ever SIT Study Abroad: Czech Republic - Arts Studio in Writing, Dance & Photography

"I learn more on Czech art which makes me wish to learn more on art from more and more different cultures"

Rice University
10/26/2023 I Spent The Summer Studying Renewable Energy And Exploring Iceland. SIT Study Abroad: Iceland - Renewable Energy, Technology & Resource Economics (Summer 2)

"I learned so much about myself and the renewable energy field while abroad. The people who were in my program truly made my time abroad incredible and showed me the power of sharing a new experience with a group of people. Not only have I gained professional connections and experience, but I have gained a bunch of new friends sp..."

University of Oregon
10/24/2023 I Learned A Lot And Made Some Of My Favorite Memories! SIT Study Abroad: Iceland - Renewable Energy, Technology & Resource Economics (Summer 1)

"This experience was 110% worth it to me. It was really interesting to be in a group of people all passionate about learning the same thing, and the program also encouraged us to explore our own related interests through the research project, meaning I got to expand what I learned about even beyond the curriculum of the program. ..."

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
09/07/2023 The Perfect Program SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy (Summer)

"I now know what I want to do with my life "

Brandeis University
09/03/2023 Summer In South Africa SIT Study Abroad: South Africa - Social Justice & Activism Internship

"Despite the difficulties, the programme was definitely worthwhile. I made great connections and learnt a lot through my internhsip. "

Brandeis University
08/22/2023 Sit Ecuador: A Hands On, Thorough, And Fun Program SIT Study Abroad: Ecuador - Comparative Ecology and Conservation

"I wanted learning to be fun again, and this program did just that. Moreover, I study environmental engineering; as such, I am used to examining similar issues we learned about but from a completely different angle. I was glad to gain an understanding of the biological/conservation side of environmental issues. I was able to lear..."

Johns Hopkins University
08/18/2023 Unforgettable Experience SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy

"I learned about the importance and role of diplomacy and how the global playing field is changing from the world I grew up in. I also greatly improved my French skills through the French classes and my experience with my host family. "

Vanderbilt University
08/08/2023 Home Away From Home SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East

"I found a newfound respect for people who live differently from me and a drive to learn more about the regional history and current political situation, which affect the people that I met on a daily basis. I also believe that my internship was not only educational, but the most impactful experience that I have (or may ever have)..."

Southern Methodist University
08/08/2023 A Great City With Not So Great Academic Excitement SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy (Summer)

"It was worthwhile because I learned a lot about what I want and don't want out of the place I love, the place I work, and the people I am around."

Brandeis University
08/05/2023 Sit Cameroon: Academically And Personally Rigorous But Very Worth It! SIT Study Abroad: Cameroon - Development and Social Change

"It was absolutely worthwhile. The excursions were 100% the best part of the entire program-- meeting with the Bagyeli, traveling and living in Batoufam, and spending a week in Paris. This is a program I would 100% recommend, but only for students that have a very good idea of what they are getting into. "

Pomona College
08/03/2023 Amazing Experience, Classes, Friends, And Trips SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - Global Health and Development Policy

"I gained a new perspective on the world; staying in a homestay in Switzerland and Morocco and making connections with them opened my eyes to a different way of life and knowledge I will have and can use in future endeavors. The academics were so interesting and I learned so much about global health through engaging lectures. Som..."

University of Vermont
08/02/2023 My Spring 2023 Sit Valpo Experience! SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development

"I developed a lot of independence, self-awareness, and Spanish language proficiency. This program was absolutely worthwhile."

University of Puget Sound