SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action

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  • Location(s): Amman, Jordan
  • Program Type(s): Study Abroad

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Examine firsthand the ongoing humanitarian relief response to the regional Syrian refugee crisis while in Jordan and on excursion to Turkey (conditions permitting), with special focus on refugee health response. Choose to take three or six credits... read more

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Attending the SIT Jordan program was worthwhile. my experience abroad has broadened my perspectives about refugees and humanitarian crisis. I also learned more about Arab culture. Moreover, I gained hands-on experience about supporting the most vulnerable communities in Jordan by interning at the Jordanian NGO that works in HIV... - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill View Entire Review
I learned a lot about a different culture, how to communicate effectively in the parameters of that culture, about regional politics and views, how to plan out a research project - Stanford University View Entire Review
I learned more about thinking for myself and learning from people who live different lives. I've learned that there is so much about the world that I don't know but want to know. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
So many new friends, understanding and appreciation of Arab culture, improvements in Arabic, etc! - Vanderbilt University View Entire Review
Learning about refugees while in Jordan, which has such a unique relationship to so many different refugees, was priceless. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
The Health and Community Development program at SIT offered everything I was looking for in a study abroad experience: a coursework focused on public health issues, a hands-on learning approach, complete cultural immersion, lifelong friendships, and the opportunity to learn a new language in its native environment. I was able to... - University of Massachusetts Amherst / UMass View Entire Review
I gained lifelong new friends (my four fellow JOH participants), an appreciation for Jordan as a country, a family with siblings, a basic understanding of statistics (during my ISP), firsthand exposure to Palestinian and Syrian refugee issues, and confidence in my colloquial Arabic skills. The experience was one of the most wort... - Emory University View Entire Review
Studying abroad in Jordan was by far the best time of my life! I learned more about the Jordanian healthcare system than I think I know about the US Healthcare system. By far, the best part of this program are the various field visits you attend, ranging from public hospitals and refugee health clinics to the Ministry of Health ... - Gettysburg College View Entire Review
I gained valuable into an area of the world that I previously knew little about, and made life long friends along the way. The health program, in particular, educated me on Jordan's health care system more thoroughly than I could ever have hoped for. My host family and the SIT teachers were excellent, and I know that if I am eve... - Vanderbilt University View Entire Review
I learned so much about the refugee issue happening in Jordan and Turkey (as this is where our excursion went to) and also learned a lot from my host family as they have had their own slew of issues. However, becoming close with them and taking part in cultural events and celebrations really enriches the experience. Not only tha... - Brandeis University View Entire Review
January 25, 2020 Free Palestine!
End US Imperialism - Brandeis University View Entire Review
It opened my mind to more of the world which I think is extremely valuable for a young person. I learned more than I ever would have staying at my university for a semester and made friends who go to other universities all across the united states. - University of Oregon View Entire Review
I'm writing a review 2 years from when I did the program, but the study abroad experience continues to be memorable, fresh in my mind, and endearing. This program provided various experiential learning opportunities. We visited private/public/military hospitals and were encouraged to discuss the differences and similarities. ... - Emory University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Health & Community Development
I gained so much - a professional and personal network, a wider perspective, critical thinking skills, knowledge of new country, customs, health care systems, sustainable development...I could go on and on. I don't know how else to say this, but I have had an experience of a lifetime - a truly enriching and rewarding experie... - Lake Forest College View Entire Review
It was beyond worthwhile. I was lucky enough to have an extremely unique experience based on learning about vulnerable populations amidst healthcare and actually utilizing that knowledge in creating a research project that could make a difference. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I would recommend it to absolutely anyo... - Connecticut College View Entire Review
I learned a lot. For one, I gained valuable experience with conversational Arabic. I was able to make connections in my future field. I gained both academic and life experience. - Brandeis University View Entire Review
I became a much more resilient and patient person because of my time abroad, and I had an amazing group with me, with whom I bonded incredibly. Much of our bonding occurred because we were quite unhappy with how our program was being run and were put in many uncomfortable/slightly rude/offensive social situations because of our ... - Wellesley College View Entire Review


Examine firsthand the ongoing humanitarian relief response to the regional Syrian refugee crisis while in Jordan and on excursion to Turkey (conditions permitting), with special focus on refugee health response. Choose to take three or six credits of Modern Standard Arabic.

This program addresses the political, social, cultural, and economic factors behind the influx of refugees to Jordan, as well as the effects of this influx on host communities. Through field visits and on-site lectures, you will learn firsthand the priorities, principles, rights, and duties governing humanitarian action, in addition to the challenges UN agencies, international relief organizations, and Jordan’s government face in both emergency and post-emergency phases. The program's eight-day excursion to Turkey (conditions permitting) will allow you to compare and contrast the humanitarian response to Syrian refugees and the challenges refugees and host communities face in the contexts of two countries.

Major topics of study include:

- The role of UN and international relief agencies in refugee assistance and humanitarian action
- The impact of refugees on the economy and various social sectors of the host community
- Health status, risk factors, and health services available to refugees
- Mental health and psychosocial challenges in refugee populations
- Gender-specific vulnerabilities within refugee populations

Program Type(s):
Study Abroad
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Spring
Instruction Language(s):
  • Arabic
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Area, Ethnic and Group Studies
  • Near Eastern Studies, Middle Eastern Studies
  • Medical Administrative Services
  • Public Health
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