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Kentucky Institute for International Studies / KIIS


Kentucky Institute for International Studies / KIIS is a program provider offering 26 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 21 countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Tanzania.

The Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) is a non-profit consortium of colleges and universities.

Since 1975, KIIS has provided international educational experiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, and Latin America for over 9000 participants.

KIIS currently offers 24 summer and 4 semester study-abroad programs in Argentina, Austria-Bregenz, Berlin, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Greece, Istanbul, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Munich, Paris, Prague, Quebec, Salzburg, Slavic Europe (Poland/Ukraine), Spain, and Tanzania.

KIIS also coordinates professional development programs for health care workers, law enforcement, seminarians, social workers, and teachers.

KIIS is recognized as a leader in international education and is one of the most cost-effective study abroad organizations in the United States. We strive to provide the widest range of students and faculty from across the academic spectrum with a life-changing international experience.

KIIS has four primary objectives:

- to establish high-quality, low-cost, academically sound study abroad programs for students
- to provide faculty from member institutions a means for professional growth
- to create language and culture programs for professionals and develop links with their counterparts in foreign countries
- to promote the study of foreign languages.

KIIS also seeks to develop new opportunities for international experiences which meet the needs of students, faculty, academic institutions, and community organizations, always taking into consideration the changing times and shifting demands of a global society.

Visit www.kiis.org for detailed program information.

Study Abroad with Kentucky Institute for International Studies / KIIS

Based on 265 Reviews
Overall Experience
May 5, 2021
02/20/2020 A Fantastic Adventure Through A Vibrantly And Culturally Rich Country KIIS: Maya Mexico Winter

"I became a much better photographer and enjoyed every second of it"

Berea College
02/17/2020 Experiencing Life, In Another Country KIIS: Paris - Munich Winter Program

"I learned that there are noticeable differences between how people live in different countries, even in first world countries. Not just in the food we eat or language we speak either. People behave differently, and things that are normal or acceptable in one country, may not be in another. It was incredibly worthwhile. ..."

Berea College
01/27/2020 A Lot Of Work, But A Lot Of Fun KIIS: Paris - Munich Winter Program

"I learned a lot about the food in Paris and Munich. It was a great experience but it definitely could have been better and I feel like I did not get the best "bang for my buck.""

Berea College
01/19/2020 Amazing And Unforgettable KIIS: Paris - Munich Winter Program

"I have studied abroad before but this was the first time in which I was studying abroad without having taking a course in either German or French. It was a bit hard but overall an amazing experience and hope to go back in the near future."

Berea College
01/15/2020 Kiis Italy Will Be The Best Memory Of My Undergraduate Career! KIIS: Italy - Experience Italy, Winter Program

"I gained experience abroad that challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. I learned that I am capable of traveling afar and can be more confident than I thought. "

Berea College
01/11/2020 Mexico, An Immersive Exposure To Art And Architecture KIIS: Maya Mexico Winter

"I learned a lot about the history of Mexico and how the ancient culture is integrated into modern society. "

Berea College
01/09/2020 A Hot Mess With Some Good Moments. KIIS: Maya Mexico Winter

"I'm happy this was my last time being abroad with a college. Some moments were worthwhile."

Berea College
01/07/2020 It Was A Good Experience KIIS: Paris - Munich Winter Program

"I learn a lot about the food in Munich and Paris."

Berea College
10/27/2019 Spain Was Beyond Words KIIS: Segovia - Experience Spain Summer Program

"I gained knowledge on the culture of spain and the differences in how community works. It was honestly a different way of life and I appreciated how well the host family integrated us in there home. I also loved the free time we was given to explore on our own. "

Berea College
10/13/2019 It Has Been The Greatest Opportunity To Study Abroad In Tanzania KIIS: Tazania - Experience Tanzania, Summer Program

"Learned about another culture, their health system and so much more!"

Berea College
10/05/2019 Expect The Unexpected KIIS: Tazania - Experience Tanzania, Summer Program

"Make do with what you have. Maximize your resources to bring about good outcomes. It was worthwhile."

Berea College
09/24/2019 Ecuador Through An Environmental Lens KIIS: Ecuador - Experience Ecuador, Summer Program

"-Language skills -Biology knowledge -New experiences"

Berea College
09/15/2019 Apricots. KIIS: Bregenz - Experience Bregenz (Summer)

"I've learned from traveling abroad of the immense potential of growth that exposure to foreign environments offers on every level of one’s personality. My time traveling domestically and abroad has helped shape me into the sort of determined, inquisitive, and empathetic person that I have become. Rarely, with such experiences, a..."

Berea College
09/15/2019 My Experience Was Amazing And Extremely Eye Opening. KIIS: Israel & Egypt

"I learned that the people of the areas we visited are a lot more alike to us Americans that is portrayed in the media."

Berea College
09/14/2019 The Best Experience Of My Life KIIS: Morocco

"I gained of lot cultural insight while being there. I learned to look at cultural differences and understand them. It was extremely worthwhile."

Berea College
09/13/2019 Fantastically Glamed Up But With A Lil' Sad Girl Summer! KIIS: Paris - Experience Paris (Summer)

"I learn a lot about Paris and its culture, as well as learning many things from my courses and tying those things back to France and Paris in particular. It was so worth-while!"

Berea College
09/12/2019 The Experience Was Ok But Not The Best Of The Best. KIIS: Morocco

"I learned a lot about the people's culture and also how Moroccans live with outsider. My main focus was to learn who and what do Moroccans identify themselves as. I am so glad that my answer was fully answered by the end of the program"

Berea College
09/11/2019 A Trip To Remember Full Of Limitless Opportunities. KIIS: Traveling - Experience Japan (Summer)

"I gained culture knowledge, fashion sense, confidence and some language skills in Japanese. Yes, the experience was worth every single penny!"

Berea College
09/11/2019 Austria Is Great KIIS: Salzburg - Experience Salzburg (Summer)

"I learned to be patient. It was worth it."

Berea College
09/11/2019 Exploring Spain In 2 Weeks KIIS: Segovia - Experience Spain Summer Program

"Yes it was worthwhile. I had never been abroad so I got to see a new culture. "

Berea College
09/10/2019 Life Changing Experience KIIS: Bregenz - Experience Bregenz (Summer)

"I feel so much more confident in myself and my abilities now that I have been abroad. I didn't have anyone I was close to when I went, so i had to do a lot of things without the support of close friends or family. I wouldn't change that for anything."

Berea College
09/09/2019 Rediscovery Of Self KIIS: Bregenz - Experience Bregenz (Summer)

"I learned how small humanity is in the grand scheme of things. We are so small in the world, yet we think that we are the biggest thing out there and our problems need to be the biggest thing. "

Berea College
09/09/2019 A Good Experience But The Reason I Will Not Return To Tanzania KIIS: Tazania - Experience Tanzania, Summer Program

"I learned to be culturally aware and accepting. I learned to never get frustrated with foreigners just because they do not speak my language. "

Berea College
09/09/2019 Learning Israeli And Egyptian Culture KIIS: Israel & Egypt

"An improved understanding of Egyptian and Israeli culture. Yes it was definitely worth it"

Berea College
09/09/2019 Amazing, Makes Me Want To Travel More. KIIS: Italy - Experience Italy, Summer Program

"I learn many things from the classes but it put into perspective how big the world is and how much I want to continue to travel and see the world. "

Berea College