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Intrax Global Internships


Intrax Global Internships is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Internship abroad programs in 8 countries such as Chile, China, France, and Japan.

Intrax operates more than 20 programs out of offices on five continents, connecting people and cultures from more than 85 countries around the world.

We believe that providing a lifetime of high-quality educational and work programs will make the world a better place by inspiring future leaders, teaching people a new language, and empowering local and international communities.

In today's digital landscape, global news can be shared in an instant - but without a deeper understanding of the world's cultures this experience is superficial. That's where Intrax comes in, with immersive cultural experiences that change the individual and the world at the same time.

Study Abroad with Intrax Global Internships

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October 31, 2020
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Study Abroad Reviews for Intrax Global Internships - Worldwide Internship Placements
Intrax Global Internships - Worldwide Internship Placements
Spain: The United Kingdom: Chile plus 5 other locations

With over a decade of experience, the Intrax Global Internships team will work closely with you to match your skill levels, professional goals, and cultural interests with...


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