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BridgeAbroad is a program provider offering 5 abroad programs. Programs offered include Volunteer and Intensive Language abroad programs in 2 countries such as Argentina and Chile.

Bridge is a fully accredited educational institution that has been offering study abroad programs both in the USA & overseas for over 25 years. We are also a world leader in teach abroad and TEFL certification in order to teach English abroad. Our expertise lies in the fields of language education and teacher training. There are Bridge centers located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Santiago de Chile, with our headquarters based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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July 11, 2020
Past Review Got My Idelt Certification In Santiago And Now I Live Here As An English Teacher BridgeAbroad: Santiago: TEFL Certification in Santiago

"I am now certified to teach English in any other country. I consider these skills to be incredibly worthwhile, because I am able to travel to other countries with a marketable and in-demand skill. "

Boston University
Past Review Different Than I Expected. BridgeAbroad: Buenos Aires - Intensive Spanish Language

"My study abroad experience was worthwhile. It was challenging living in a new city by myself and not knowing anyone. I had to reach out and intentionally look for things to do, places to practice Spanish, and people to meet. It was difficult but so rewarding and so worth it. I've improved my Spanish skills and would like to move..."

New Mexico State University
Past Review Buenos Aires, Argentina: An Experience To Treasure Forever BridgeAbroad: Buenos Aires - Intensive Spanish Language

"My study abroad experience was definitely worthwhile. Learning Spanish has always been something I've wanted to do, but I never seemed to have the time to continue learning the language after college. This program re-confirmed that learning Spanish (and hopefully becoming fluent) is definitely something I will continue to purs..."

Appalachian State University
Past Review Viewing A Smaller World BridgeAbroad: Buenos Aires - Intensive Spanish Language

"I was never more aware of poverty but was so touched by everyone's tolerance. Here the homeless are an eyesore and there they were viewd as people and let into to restaurants to sell their art and wares. It was so worthwhile. I learned more spanish than I had ever learned in a classroom and met the most wonderful people. Every..."

New Mexico State University
Past Review Awesome Argentina: Spanish In Buenos Aires! BridgeAbroad: Buenos Aires - Intensive Spanish Language

"It was worth it! I never was very interested in South America; maybe because it seemed too close to home. But having traveled in Argentina, learning more of the language and meeting the people, I really want to go back and discover more of that area! I hope in the future to be able to spend more time in South America and work wi..."

New Mexico State University