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The Melbourne Internship program includes quality accommodation, trips, insider tips, social events and 24/7 local support. We provide you with a seamless transition to working life and ensure that you have all the support that you need to settle ... read more

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I learned a lot AFTER the bad experience with the internship - had to solve problems while working and travellling - but sadly I dïdn't learn anything about I came for from the other side of the planet...AND PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR IT - SOME I DID GET BACK View Entire Review
How friendly people can be. How gaining connections is very important and easier than you think. Made a lot of social connections. - American University of Sharjah View Entire Review
August 09, 2017 Summer In Melbs
I learned a lot about myself and how much I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I gained a lot of confidence in my ability to tackle tricky situations as they arose and always have a good time, despite any unforeseen circumstance. I also gained confidence professionally and felt that I made strong connections with the people... - Cornell University View Entire Review
July 23, 2017 Amazing
What I want to do after college - Robert Morris University View Entire Review
May 05, 2017 Amazing
I gained the insight of working abroad and figuring out that's what I wanted to keep doing. - Western Washington University View Entire Review
A student studying abroad with The Intern Group: Melbourne Internship Placement Program
February 23, 2017 Unforgettable
I've improve my english, discovered lots of different cultures, enjoyed australia, expanded my networking and increased my professional knowledge. View Entire Review
October 13, 2016 Life Changing
I gained so much life experience that I'm forever grateful for. This program allowed me to be independent but also gave me the comfort of knowing there were coordinators there to help me with anything I needed. Not to mention, I gained friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe that the accommodation and included events re... - Valdosta State University View Entire Review
August 04, 2016 Finance In Melbourne
I learned more about how finance is done internationally and found out how much I enjoy Australia - University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse View Entire Review
I gained a better understanding of how business and finance is conducted in different countries as well as an improved understanding of the field I was working in. I also had the opportunity to interact with students and professionals from all over the world in a city that I had never been to and got to experience the culture ... - King's College London View Entire Review
June 17, 2016 Priceless
The internship has helped me in my job pursuit back home, but that is the least of my gains. I met some amazing people and made some great friends that I have remained in touch with and who live across the globe. I built worldwide connections and also got to experience what Australia had to offer, and it did not disappoint. - Northumbria University View Entire Review
Learned the professional side in terms of working in an open office environment and the industry that I wanted to pursue in the future but also learned personally in terms of what I like to do and what I can improved on - University of Greenwich View Entire Review
August 18, 2017 Phenomenal Experience
Experience from being in a professional environment. CV workshop. - Durham University View Entire Review
July 24, 2017 Unforgettable
I learned a host of skills in my field and how to run a business successfully. I was very worthwhile. - Kansas State University View Entire Review
Embrace learning form the grassroots. - University of Alabama - Birmingham / UAB View Entire Review
All worthwhile! - Virginia Commonwealth University / VCU View Entire Review
December 01, 2016 I Love It
complete,best trip. - University of Texas - Pan American View Entire Review
August 05, 2016 Amazing Experience
Yes, it was worthwhile. Learned a lot about NGOs. - Baylor University View Entire Review
As well as industry experience in graphic design I also learned how to work with other international students in my placement and local professionals. Being in a foreign country meant stepping outside my comfort zone and in turn strengthening my confidence professionally and socially - University of Hertfordshire View Entire Review
I learned to be self sufficient and smart with my money. Being alone with other students in a foreign country forces you to be mature about what you spend your time doing. - New York University View Entire Review


The Melbourne Internship program includes quality accommodation, trips, insider tips, social events and 24/7 local support. We provide you with a seamless transition to working life and ensure that you have all the support that you need to settle in your placement. Our program is designed to ensure you get the most from your experience in this incredible city. Intern Melbourne is a catalyst for your career. We offer internships at fantastic companies and NGO’s throughout Melbourne and partner with industry leaders and innovators across all sectors. CV/resume workshops, professional development tools, career coaching and seminars are all included in the program to make sure you have both the structure and confidence to realize your potential in an international context.

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