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University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)


University of Tokyo is a university located in Tokyo, Japan offering 2 direct enrollment and exchange programs Programs offered include Study Abroad and Graduate Program abroad programs.

Research and education across a broad range of scientific fields are being conducted at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Science (GSS) and Faculty of Science with the basic aim of exploring the myriad facets and mechanisms of nature in order to understand them and uncover the immutable laws of nature behind them. In almost all cases, scientific research is motivated and advanced by the intellectual interests of communities of researchers and not by the desire to seek the immediate application of findings. The resulting profound understanding of nature we have obtained then underpins through practical applications the many conveniences of modern civilization, while enriching our view of nature and the universe. Science forms the deepest foundation of the civilization humankind has created, and is the driving force for opening the way to our future. The Charter of the School of Science sets this "creation and handing down of knowledge" as the School's main mission.

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July 17, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for University of Tokyo: Tokyo - Global Science Course
University of Tokyo: Tokyo - Global Science Course

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