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November 28, 2021

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Study Abroad programs are organized by international education organizations, otherwise known as “program providers.” Program providers can be affiliated with a regular college or university, or they can be separate non-profit organizations. These providers work with academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad to create study opportunities that vary in duration from a summer, semester, or year in length.


All eligibility requirements remain in effect up to the point of departure

Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 (please note some programs may require a higher CGPA)

Must be in at least Junior standing at time of departure

Declared a major prior to December 1st of Sophomore year

Enroll in a minimum of 15 credits per semester abroad

No serious disciplinary record or current probation​

Important Dates and Deadlines

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Past Review Amazing Experience Abroad CEA: Rome, Italy

"I had the absolute best time traveling from country to country each weekend, while learning all the ins and outs of Italy during the week. I met people that I will never forget and that made my study abroad experience so memorable."

Providence College
Past Review Great Experience In Rome! CEA: Rome, Italy

"The opportunity to study in Rome was incredible! It taught me so much about growing up, adventuring, and allowed me to learn about so many different cultures."

Providence College
Past Review Fantastic! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Totally worthwhile, learned so much about myself and international life "

Providence College
Past Review Breathtaking IES Abroad: Milan - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"Refer to writeup"

Providence College
Past Review There's No Place Like Rome! CEA: Rome, Italy

"It was more than worthwhile. I gained new friends, new memories, new experiences and learned and experienced things I could never imagine. The city of Rome has stolen my heart and the staff at CEA and people I met will forever be a huge part of some of the best months of my life. Everyone who has the chance to live abroad sho..."

Providence College
Past Review The Most Amazing Experience CEA: Rome, Italy

"Definitely worthwhile, learned a lot about various cultures and how to be more independent. "

Providence College
Past Review Invaluable Fairfield University: Florence - Semester or Year in Italy

"Incredible sense of independence. Appreciate current events from a cross-cultural perspective."

Providence College
Past Review Impossible To Summarize Fairfield University: Florence - Semester or Year in Italy

"An entirely new way of living, from perspective to speech to food to anything at all. It was very worth it"

Providence College
Past Review The Best Four Months Of Your Life! Fairfield University: Florence - Semester or Year in Italy

"I learned how to be independent."

Providence College
Past Review One Of The Best Times Of My Life! CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned a lot about myself. I met so many people and created deep friendships with certain people. I became even more independent than I was. I also learned to appreciate other cultures more. "

Providence College
Past Review Ireland Is The Most Beautiful Place In The World. AIFS: Limerick - University of Limerick

"I gained a lot of confidence about traveling in general, but especially regarding traveling in Europe. The experience was worthwhile, but I would choose a different program because AIFS was not worth the money. "

Providence College
Past Review An Awesome Experience SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - Global Health and Development Policy

"What didn't I gain/learn from this experience?! "

Providence College
Past Review Amazing CEA: Rome, Italy

"A lot of useful life experiences "

Providence College
Past Review Greatest Experience Of My Life CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned a lot about myself and grew so much as a person, it was 100% worthwhile"

Providence College
Past Review In Love With The Eternal City! CEA: Rome, Italy

"I become a lot more aware of foreign cultures after this experience and feel that I really got the most out of it. I really tried to immerse myself in the culture and became a much more independent person. This abroad experience was 100% worthwhile!"

Providence College
Past Review Incredible Semester In Rome CEA: Rome, Italy

"I found that I learned to be more adaptable to others and also to be more confident in unfamiliar situations. It is better to try something new than to never take the first step at all."

Providence College
Past Review A Review On My Time Abroad CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned alot of things abroad, not only did I gain friendships I will keep with me forever but I gained the skills to adapt to new diverse cultures."

Providence College
Past Review A Very Memorable Experience To Last A Lifetime! CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned the different aspects of Italian culture, I learned to appreciate the language more, and I look forward to using what I've learned here for when I come back in the future!"

Providence College
Past Review Roman Adventures CEA: Rome, Italy

"Where do I begin? Rome itself is an education. The city is filled with history from the Roman Empire to modern day. Every corner is marked with an ancient ruin and it couples well with the modern Italian culture. The classes at CEA Rome were solid and not overly challenging. I learned quite a bit from the classes about Italy and..."

Providence College
Past Review Cea Rome CEA: Rome, Italy

"I have had a great time while in Rome. I had no idea what I was getting into when I got here, but CEA Rome was a small, American program that genuinely cared about our time and experience in Italy. I enjoyed the small classes, like at my home institution, with other American students, so we were all on the same page and not lost..."

Providence College
Past Review Take Me Back! IES Abroad: Study Rome - Language & Area Studies

"I learned to come out of my shell and to go into the experience with an open mind. It paid off!"

Providence College
Past Review A Sometimes Challenging But Incredible Exploration Of Celtic And Other Cultlure Arcadia: Dublin - University College Dublin

"It was definitely worthwhile; I learned new things about myself, that I am fully capable carving out a space for myself in a foreign area without anyone familiar nearby. I also was exposed to a taste of Irish culture and history."

Providence College
Past Review Study Abroad In Spain The Best Time Of My Life Boston University: Madrid - Madrid Internship

"I learned to be independent and to go with the flow. It was definitely worthwhile. "

Providence College
Past Review Amazing Experience! CEA: Rome, Italy

"Learned a lot about many countries and gained valuable experience that I would not gain if I did not go. Extremely worthwhile."

Providence College
Past Review The Extended Roman Holiday CEA: Rome, Italy

"I learned how the Italian culture lives, and how different it truly is. It was worthwhile both in that I gained knowledge in what Americans do better, while I also gained an appreciation for the things that we have in the United States."

Providence College