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Study abroad with the Institute for Study Abroad at the University of Limerick!What Limerick has to offer •A truly integrated experience and unique courses •A beautiful, green campus on the banks of the majestic River Shannon •Some of the best com... read more

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I mostly gained confidence and independence while abroad. It was scary to be out of the country for the first time and to be so far from home, especially since I go to college in my hometown, but IFSA-Butler Ireland made it seamless and easy to acclimate to life abroad, and my experience with them was definitely worthwhile. - University of Tulsa View Entire Review
I learned a lot about advocating for myself, integrating, and realizing my own independence. It was worthwhile to me. - Susquehanna University View Entire Review
My semester abroad was the most worthwhile experience I've ever had. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I learned more about myself and who I am than I ever thought I could in a mere 4 months. Most of my learning was done outside the classroom. - Austin College View Entire Review
My experience abroad was definitely one of the most worthwhile experiences I've ever had. I gained a lot of courage to meet new people and try new and unique things. I also learned how to plan out my own trips pretty well, since I traveled as often as possible. - Trinity University View Entire Review
It has made me more aware of people in the world, and given me a different perspective on how I should live my life. I am definately more culturally aware and I am so happy I did this. - Providence College View Entire Review
I am definitely more independent. I will be coming back for sure. - Providence College View Entire Review
Past Review
Absolutely worth every penny. I gained experience dealing with cultures and places I wasn't used to, I gained a good deal of independence learning to take care of my own food supply (though I generally hated doing so!), I learned that time alone just spent wandering can be very rewarding, I learned that I can plan trips on my o... - Tufts University View Entire Review
I studied at the University of Limerick through IFSA-Butler and it was grand! UL is underrated in my opinion; great school, the academics are different but manageable, and the area is safe and close to the city (UL is technically in Castletroy). The IFSA-Butler staff in the U.S. and Ireland are extremely helpful and understandin... - Providence College View Entire Review
I learned so much about myself and how to get to know others. I could go on for pages about what I've learned, and it was one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life. I can't believe that it all actually happened - I met so many great people and had the best time in an extraordinarily gorgeous country - I feel like it was ... - Austin College View Entire Review
Honestly, I didn't gain a whole lot of book smarts during my semester abroad. What I lacked there, I definitely made up for in learning about myself. Studying abroad was an amazing growing experience for me. I had been struggling with some relationships at home before I left, but being away from them made it clear to me that the... - Butler University View Entire Review
Past Review Incredible
Friends and diversity, and yes it was worthwhile :) - Illinois State University View Entire Review
Past Review Ireland's Craic
YES! I got to see so many things and meet so many people that I never would have otherwise. I learned to slow down and enjoy things more. I learned a lot about myself and others and have a better appreciation for other cultures. I am considering going to a graduate program abroad after graduation, either in Ireland or the UK.... - Drake University View Entire Review
It was amazing. I actually chose to take some classes abroad versus at my home university to give myself a better global understanding and my adviser agreed. My friend and I loved that Ireland was a gateway to the rest of Europe for weekend trips and you never get bored of looking out your window and seeing remnants of castles... - University of Minnesota - Crookston View Entire Review


Study abroad with the Institute for Study Abroad at the University of Limerick!

What Limerick has to offer 
•A truly integrated experience and unique courses 
•A beautiful, green campus on the banks of the majestic River Shannon 
•Some of the best computer facilities in Ireland 
•A student center with medical center, bookstore, food store, bank, bars and restaurants 
•Free access to the University Arena, which houses a gymnasium, exercise and dance studios, indoor track, Olympic size swimming pool, tennis and squash courts 
•An active student union with more than 70 clubs and societies

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Study Abroad
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  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
Instruction Language(s):
  • English
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