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June 22, 2018

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Summer Study Abroad Application Deadline: February 1

Fall Study Abroad Application Deadline: March 1

Spring Study Abroad Application Deadline: October 1

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07/28/2015 An Experience To Look Back On UW-Platteville Education Abroad at the Spanish-American Institute of International Education (SAIIE)

"I gained the traveling aspect alone there and back can be very difficult, however, each day there was something new to be learned and go through while staying with the family, meeting new people, or exploring the town by yourself. "

Marymount University
02/16/2015 An Amazing Experience Which All Students Should Take A Part In. Marymount University: Oxford - Oxford Honors Program

"Gained more self-awareness, responsibility, and world culture. It was all worth it. "

Marymount University
Past Review Buenos Aires Disappointing Trip Study Abroad Programs in Argentina

"I learned not to do business in Argentina. It was worthwhile, but I would not return to the city."

Marymount University
Past Review Beautiful Roma! The American University of Rome: Rome - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Yes, i would do it again!!!!! I loved Rome and can't wait to go back to italy and use my Italian skills."

Marymount University
Past Review It Would've Helped To Set Us Up With Companies That Were Hiring. Marymount University: Santiago - Doing Business in Chile

"I did not get feedback from my instructors on my final project."

Marymount University
Past Review Chile: An Excellent Introduction To South America Marymount University: Santiago - Doing Business in Chile

"It was amazing to see how life and culture functions so far away from home, as well as learn from a different perspective. "

Marymount University
Past Review Scotland: The Costly Experience Of A Lifetime University of Dundee: Dundee - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"My experience abroad has reinforced my desire to travel the world. I gained great insight into myself as a person, the european mindset. I plan to return to Scotland many times in the future as well as go to the rest of the United Kingdom and many other places."

Marymount University
Past Review Chile: A Friendly Culture! Marymount University: Santiago - Doing Business in Chile

"The country is welcoming of foreigners and business opportunities. I would certainly consider doing business in Chile!"

Marymount University
Past Review I Love London FIE (Foundation for International Education): London - Study and Intern Program

"I loved it and can not wait to go again!! Overall it has taught me a lot about myself and giving me the courage to keep on traveling by myself and making friends along the way. "

Marymount University
Past Review It Was Absolutely Amazing! I Had To Work Two Jobs To Get There, But It Was All Worth It! FIE (Foundation for International Education): London - Study and Intern Program

"After traveling to London, I definitely hope to travel back once again to live there."

Marymount University
Past Review Germany: Great History, Great People, Great Learning Experiences Marymount University: Traveling - Counseling Deployed Military and their Families, Germany

"It was definitely worthwhile- It was one of the best ways imaginable to get insight into how counselors and other helpers work with military abroad. I learned valuable information that will aid me in deciding whether I will work with the military or not. Going to the ACA conference was valuable in that I encountered counselors w..."

Marymount University
Past Review Studing Abroad In India Was The Best Experience Of My Life. Marymount University: Traveling - Elementary Mathematics and Science Methodology, India

"It was amazing. I learned what it was like to be an ESL student. I feel like I can relate to ESL students in my classroom now. I also have the cultural awareness to be happy with what I have. It is so hard to put into words how amazing the program was."

Marymount University
Past Review India: Greatest Experience Of My Life... Will Return Soon Ed 558 Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs in India

"I learned how to get around with a large language barrier. I also learned how to adapt and make changes in a moment's notice. I learned how to work with ESOL students and what I need to do as a teacher to provide my students the best opportunity for success. The experience as a whole has made me realize what I want to do as a te..."

Marymount University
Past Review Skopelos, Greece: Marymount University: Skopelos - Painting and Bookmaking Workshop

"Greece overall was an amazing exierience. I was able to experience the culture first hand. The staff was amazing and very accomodating to our needs. The people who worked at the foundation helped us to get to know the island as well as the night life. The people of the town on the island were also very nice; everyone knew we..."

Marymount University
Past Review Melbourne: A Place To Change Your Life University of Melbourne: Melbourne - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"It really opened my eyes to what life is like outside of the USA. "

Marymount University
Past Review Studying In Spain When They Won The World Cup Is Priceless!! CEA: Barcelona, Spain

"This experience was unique and very special that gave me a different perspective about life in general. I was able to learn about another culture and their traditions as they welcomed us with friendly greetings. "

Marymount University
Past Review "An Experience You Won't Soon Forget" Marymount University: Gales Point - Marine and Tropical Biology

"The study abroad experience was everything I wanted it to be. I met new people, saw things I could only dream about, and enjoyed the most delicious food. One thing that impacted me the most was how spartan people's lives are. They don't have nearly as many possessions as we do back in the states, and yet, they seem happier. They..."

Marymount University
Past Review Germany: A Bittersweet Understanding Of Mental Health Treatment In The Us Military Marymount University: Traveling - Counseling Deployed Military and their Families, Germany

"Definitely. I would have liked a little more time on the bases, but it was truly enlightening."

Marymount University
Past Review "Italy A Place To Call Home That Changed Me For The Better!" Marymount University: Traveling - Interior Design in Italy

"Absolutely. I personally think I found myself a little bit and I also think I have changed for the better considering that I lived with only two people that i knew out of 8 and it was nice being able to be myself. I have learned a lot of things and I know I will be back here one day!"

Marymount University
Past Review Jordan: My New Second Home! CIEE: Amman - Arabic Language

"YES DEFINITELY. It was my first study abroad experience and I am so happy I had this opportunity. I would definitely recommend the program to another student."

Marymount University