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September 30, 2023

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With thousands of study abroad programs, it can seem overwhelming to narrow down program choices. The Study Abroad Office can help guide students to programs based on the following factors:

Academics: Remember - studying abroad includes studying. Going abroad on a program that does not offer courses that will help a student progress to graduation would be the same as taking a semester off, but still paying for classes. Students should consider academics as their first priority when looking for a study abroad program.

Finances: Studying abroad does not have to be expensive. There are several program options that make studying abroad similar in cost to studying at CSUF. When considering the cost of a program, students need to consider the transferability of financial aid and the availability of scholarships.

Personal Guidance: Each student will have their own reasons for going abroad. Perhaps it is because they have always wanted to go to France, or they want to study how Chinese companies do business. Depending on their reasons for going abroad, there are programs to match.

The Study Abroad Office will not tell a student which program to apply for, it is a personal choice and the decision needs to come from the student. However, regardless of which program a student chooses, the Study Abroad Office can help. Students should always contact the office if they are stuck or need help with programs or paperwork.

Regardless of which program a student decides to go on, the Study Abroad Office is a resource. Students can always come to the office if they are stuck or need help with programs or paperwork.

Important Dates and Deadlines

For study abroad dates and deadlines please check the CSUF Study Abroad website:

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Past Review My Experience Adelante: Madrid - Intern In Madrid

"GO "

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review Viva Espana CEA: Madrid, Spain

"That every minute you have can't be taken for granted. Living abroad taught me so much about myself that I would have never been able to learn here at home. It was eye opening to know that in four months I was able to call another city halfway across the world, home."

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review Program Needs Work, But The People Are Great! California State University - Fullerton: Shenyang: Com Study Abroad in China

"Nothing I didn't already know, but allowed me to take care of things myself. "

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review Intern In Barcelona: One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made. Adelante: Barcelona - Intern In Barcelona

"I learned true independence and became a much stronger, more confident individual. This experience was so enriching - intellectually, culturally, mentally, emotionally, everything. I loved learning about different cultures, languages, meeting people from all over the world and connecting with them. I fell in love with Barcelona,..."

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review A Month In Florence Was A Life Changing Event Lorenzo de' Medici – Florence

"Self confidence and open mindedness"

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review Cea Paris: I Would Do It All Over Again Without Changing A Single Thing! CEA: Paris, France

"One of the main things I got out of my study abroad experience which I utilize now in everyday life is working with diverse personalities. While I was abroad, I met students from other countries who spoke more than two languages so I felt I was exposed to a diverse set of cultures from all around the world, which I would never h..."

California State University - Fullerton
Past Review Spanish Theatre Program Completed, Now I Have To Go Back To Spain! Study Abroad in Spain! Programs and Reviews!

"The experince incresed my cultural awareness"

California State University - Fullerton