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October 18, 2021

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The Office of Study Abroad supports Brandeis students who participate on any of our 300 approved programs in some 65 different countries around the world.

On average 40% of the junior class studied abroad during the academic year while still more students took advantage of various international opportunities in the summer. There is a huge diversity of transformative experiences that Brandeis students have engaged in abroad including studying biodiversity conservation hands on in Panama, conducting ethnographic research on sacred figures in Mongolia, interning with Parliament in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and interning in special education classrooms in Sydney, Australia to name a few.

Whatever your story, journey or adventure is destined to be, come by our office to learn more about the steps to going away!

Additionally, by logging in to Abroad101, all approved programs will be tagged with an "Approved" badge.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Study Abroad Application Deadline for Fall, Academic Year, and Spring is mid-February.

The summer study abroad application deadline is mid-March.

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04/28/2020 Once In A Lifetime Experience CYA (College Year in Athens) - Semester/Academic Year Program

"I learned to be more independent, flexible, and patient. It was 100% worthwhile."

Brandeis University
04/18/2020 I'm So Bad At Biking CIEE: Amsterdam - Social Sciences

"Independence. It was very worthwhile"

Brandeis University
04/14/2020 Breaking Down Perceptions CIEE: Tokyo - Arts and Sciences

"I gained a sense of inclusion and familiarity with Japanese culture, as well as a huge group of lifelong family and friends."

Brandeis University
03/11/2020 Travel To Seoul! CIEE: Seoul - Arts and Sciences

"I was able to learn more about Korea and Koreans my age, while advancing my Korean language abilities. I also learned how to be independent and focus on my own personal goals while befriending people who helped me work toward them."

Brandeis University
02/13/2020 The Most Incredible Experience Of My Life Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Rothberg International School: Undergraduate Study Abroad Program

"I learned how to truly live by myself, advocate better for myself and others, and I made the most amazing friends! 100% worthwhile"

Brandeis University
02/06/2020 São Paulo Is A Great City!!! CET Brazil

"I definitely had to learn how to cook for myself and take care of myself in a big city! I also gained a lot of confidence in my foreign language skills."

Brandeis University
02/06/2020 The Most Adventurous 4 Months Of My Life! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"My study abroad experience taught me to be more spontaneous and open. I learned so much about myself and the way I establish relationships and relate to others. I met so many people from all over the world while living in Denmark who I hope to keep in touch and meet again later on. I learned how to be more independent and take r..."

Brandeis University
02/06/2020 Value Learning Experience Sarah Lawrence College: Paris - Sarah Lawrence College in Paris

"I learned to trust my instincts and take risks"

Brandeis University
02/05/2020 Rigorous, Rewarding Work National Theater Institute: Moscow Art Theatre Semester (MATS)

"I was in intense movement classes I do not have access to at home and individual attention to my acting work."

Brandeis University
02/04/2020 Wonderful Life Full Of Love And Joy In London IFSA: London - University College London

"I feel like I have made full use of my time in London because I went to explore the city almost everyday, and I made lots of friends in UCL. I came to the US wanting to experience the culture the most and I have definitely done that! All the trips were excited and unforgettable and I really wish I could stay there longer. "

Brandeis University
02/03/2020 So Many Hills!!! Arcadia: St. Andrews - University of St Andrews

"I learned a lot about doing things on my own! it was definitely worthwile"

Brandeis University
02/02/2020 A Great Learning And Growing Experience If You're Looking For A Challenge Sarah Lawrence College: Paris - Sarah Lawrence College in Paris

"I learned how to truly live independently and speak another language. It was very worthwhile. "

Brandeis University
02/02/2020 Ciee South Korea ! Study Abroad Programs in South Korea

"I gained the confidence to use and practice the local language!"

Brandeis University
02/02/2020 Super Fun And Good Way To Explore The City And Neighboring Countries! CIEE: Madrid - Liberal Arts

"It was fun, and I improved my spanish writing skills and grammar"

Brandeis University
02/02/2020 Living In Geneva With American Students Boston University: Geneva - Internship Program

"Academic exposure and internship experience"

Brandeis University
02/02/2020 I Wish I Had Done A Different Program But I Love Jordan! SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action

"I learned more about thinking for myself and learning from people who live different lives. I've learned that there is so much about the world that I don't know but want to know. "

Brandeis University
01/27/2020 A Once In A Life Time Experience SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Community Empowerment

"I learned that its okay to be uncomfortable in new spaces. I learned a lot more about being independent and managing my money. I learned different perspectives on latinidad compared to that of the U.S. "

Brandeis University
01/27/2020 A Great And Meaningful Time In Kyoto Columbia University: Kyoto - Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies / KCJS

"In addition to a sharp rise in my Japanese ability, I made several friends and found a place where I would be happy to work and live. "

Brandeis University
01/24/2020 Meaningful And Interesting CIEE: Seoul - Arts and Sciences

"Valuable experience and friends"

Brandeis University
01/23/2020 An Unforgettable Experience University of Minnesota: MSID - International Development in Thailand

"Studying abroad helped me learn more about who I am, and it also helped me practice my cultural awareness skills. It was a very worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend it."

Brandeis University
01/23/2020 A Learning Experience CIEE: Barcelona - Advanced Liberal Arts

"being abroad for so long compared to what I had been exposed to before was scary at first but it taught me to be confident in myself. I believe it was worthwhile. "

Brandeis University
01/23/2020 An Amazing Few Months In Shanghai CET Shanghai

"I had so many meaningful interactions with so many people. I had so many opportunities and so much time to see so much of Shanghai as well as other cities and areas. My language improved so much and I am so grateful for this experience."

Brandeis University
01/22/2020 My Best Semester! CET Prague

"Prague is so great and I never expected to love European culture so much."

Brandeis University