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December 13, 2017

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The Office of Study Abroad supports Brandeis students who participate on any of our 300 approved programs in some 65 different countries around the world.

On average 40% of the junior class studied abroad during the academic year while still more students took advantage of various international opportunities in the summer. There is a huge diversity of transformative experiences that Brandeis students have engaged in abroad including studying biodiversity conservation hands on in Panama, conducting ethnographic research on sacred figures in Mongolia, interning with Parliament in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and interning in special education classrooms in Sydney, Australia to name a few.

Whatever your story, journey or adventure is destined to be, come by our office to learn more about the steps to going away!

Additionally, by logging in to Abroad101, all approved programs will be tagged with an "Approved" badge.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Study Abroad Application Deadline for Fall 2017, AY 2017-18, and Spring 2018 is February 16, 2017.

The summer study abroad application deadline is March 16, 2017.

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12/04/2017 Fulfilling, And Not Unlike Boston! IFSA-Butler: Melbourne - University of Melbourne

"I learned how to budget finances better. Overall, I definitely thought the experience was worthwhile. "

Brandeis University
11/28/2017 Experience Of A Lifetime IFSA-Butler: Brisbane - University of Queensland

"I learned how to be independent and took classes brandeis doesn't offer, it was definitely worthwhile"

Brandeis University
11/03/2017 Ireland Is The Most Amazing Place Ever Arcadia: Dublin - University College Dublin

"Abroad was an incredible experience and Ireland was truly worthwhile "

Brandeis University
11/01/2017 A+ For Arcadia's King's College London Program Arcadia: London - King's College London

"It was worthwhile. Great school in a great city."

Brandeis University
11/01/2017 An Experience That I Will Cherish Forever IFSA-Butler: London - King's College London

"It was definitely worthwhile. I am much more confident to do things by myself. If I can travel alone in not only a foreign city, but also a foreign country and continent, then I can travel anywhere in the US and take this confidence into other activities. "

Brandeis University
10/29/2017 It Was An Experience That I Am Glad I Had. Boston University: Sydney - Sydney Internship Program

"I learned how to better manage my money and how to work in a professional office. "

Brandeis University
10/29/2017 A Great Experience That I Will Always Remember. CIEE: Cape Town - Arts and Sciences

"I learned about many different cultures and it was very worthwhile."

Brandeis University
10/29/2017 A Great Experience That I Will Always Remember. Boston University: Sydney - Sydney Internship Program

"I learned out how to thrive, have fun, and make friends in a new country."

Brandeis University
10/15/2017 I Learned Hebrew And Fell In Love With A Country! Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Rothberg International School: Hebrew Language Instruction – Ulpan

"I gained an understanding of a new culture, friends, knowledge, and the experience of a life time "

Brandeis University
09/27/2017 A Great Semester Abroad! Arcadia: London - Kings College London Health and Society

"London is a very multi-cultural city and I am happy I got to explore this metropolitan setting while also learning about the National Health Service and global health. "

Brandeis University
09/27/2017 Ecu Adore IES Abroad: Quito - IES Abroad in Quito

"This experience was perhaps one of the most worthwile things I have ever done in my life. I didn't merely learn what was on my class syllabus, but also gained a deeper understanding of the culture, from history to political situation to social customs. I was able to explore so many incredible, amazing places that I may never aga..."

Brandeis University
09/26/2017 Great Experience With Great People In The Most Amazing City! Boston University: London - London Internship Program

"I learned so much about public relations in London, while simultaneously becoming more cultured. "

Brandeis University
09/24/2017 A Growth Experience Filled With Fun, Learning, And Adventuring DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"I learned how to be independent. That I really need meaning in my life, and part of that is because I lacked that in Denmark because I was having so much fun. "

Brandeis University
09/24/2017 Incredible Experience, Would Love To Move Back IES Abroad: Berlin - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"I gained a sense of many different cultures and practices. It was extremely worthwhile for me."

Brandeis University
09/22/2017 A Challenging Semester! Technion, Israel Institute of Technology: Haifa - Semester of Engineering & Science

"It was worthwhile! I got to practice my Hebrew, be immersed in Israeli culture, and see places in Israel I hadn't been before."

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Una Ciudad Mágica IES Abroad: Granada - Study Abroad with IES Abroad

"I learned a huge amount of Spanish as well as cultural competency. I learned a lot about myself and what was important to me, and I became much more independent and confident. "

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 I Love London Hansard Scholars Programme: London - Hansard Society

"I learned more about myself than about anything else. I learned I truly am passionate about politics, and that I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Amazing Boston University: Sydney - Sydney Internship Program

"Communication skills. cultural appreciation and acceptance. "

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Best Experience Ever CIEE: Madrid - Legal Studies

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and I would highly recommend it. I want my younger brother to go when he goes abroad"

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Wonderful Summer In Seoul Yonsei University: Yonsei International Summer School

"I improved my korean"

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Once In A Life Time! Hansard Scholars Programme: London - Hansard Society

"So much about British politics in general. "

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Amazing CIEE: Barcelona - Advanced Liberal Arts

"It was the best five months of my life. I highly recommend it"

Brandeis University
09/20/2017 Amazing Time In Scotland Arcadia: Edinburgh - University of Edinburgh

"I definitely learned what kind of learning style fit better with me, but one of the best things about studying abroad was the opportunity to travel and learn with some amazing people."

Brandeis University