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November 29, 2022

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The Office of Study Abroad supports Brandeis students who participate on any of our 300 approved programs in some 65 different countries around the world.

On average 40% of the junior class studied abroad during the academic year while still more students took advantage of various international opportunities in the summer. There is a huge diversity of transformative experiences that Brandeis students have engaged in abroad including studying biodiversity conservation hands on in Panama, conducting ethnographic research on sacred figures in Mongolia, interning with Parliament in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and interning in special education classrooms in Sydney, Australia to name a few.

Whatever your story, journey or adventure is destined to be, come by our office to learn more about the steps to going away!

Additionally, by logging in to Abroad101, all approved programs will be tagged with an "Approved" badge.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Study Abroad Application Deadline for Fall, Academic Year, and Spring is mid-February.

The summer study abroad application deadline is mid-March.

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11/10/2022 Excellent Program! DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Great classes, great city!"

Brandeis University
11/09/2022 I Met New People, Learned New Things, And Experienced New Cultures. Boston University: London - London Internship Program

"I learned a lot about myself and I found many new interests. I also think experiencing new cultures and being able to travel around Europe meeting all kinds of new people has helped me become more cultured and well rounded. "

Brandeis University
10/31/2022 James Joyce And Jameson Boston University: Dublin - Internship Program, Summer

"I learned how to work and live in a new city"

Brandeis University
09/27/2022 Great Experience IES Abroad: Amsterdam - Psychology & Sciences

"I learned many life skills and will always be grateful for this opportunity. "

Brandeis University
09/21/2022 Amazing Program, Both As A Math Program And A Study Abroad Experience! BSM: Budapest - Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

"There a lot of amazing courses and the professor are very good. I definitely learnt a lot of math, but I also learnt how to live by myself and manage my own apartment."

Brandeis University
09/21/2022 Tropical Unique Experience CIEE: Monteverde - Summer Tropical Ecology and Conservation

"I learned a lot about myself, and the surrounding communities. I enjoyed the wildlife every step of the way."

Brandeis University
09/20/2022 Loved The Ability To Travel Despite Mediocre Program CYA (College Year in Athens) - Semester/Academic Year Program

"I learned how to be more independent and how to deal with personal disagreements with those around me. The travel on weekends made it worth it alone."

Brandeis University
09/20/2022 Berlin Is Fun IES Abroad: Berlin - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"Basic understanding of German, experience living in a foreign country, exposure to German culture"

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 One Of The Best Experiences Of My Life SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East

"I learned so much about Jordan and the region at large on this program, and made so many connections that I will value for the rest of my life. I am a more well-rounded and open-minded person after my experience in Jordan, and I even learned a bit of a completely new language to me including a whole new alphabet! I wholeheartedl..."

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 Ciee Sevilla: Una Aventura CIEE: Seville - Liberal Arts

"While I was abroad I gained confidence in my Spanish speaking abilities, and learned about a different mindset about life. One thing many of us noticed very quickly is that while Americans live to work, Spaniards work to live, and having a chance to experience that gave me perspective on what life can look like back home and hel..."

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 Wonderful Experience In The Cloud Forest CIEE: Monteverde - Summer Tropical Ecology and Conservation

"My study abroad experience was definitely worthwhile. Costa Rica definitely lives up to its catch phrase "pura vida" or pure life. There is so much wildlife and nature around you, and learning the ecological and biological details makes it so much more intersting."

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 My Madrid Experience Boston University: Madrid - Madrid Internship

"I learned to live slowly and enjoy the little things more. "

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 Amazing Artistic, Cultural, And Traveling Experiences; Easy Semester Siena School for Liberal Arts: Siena - Semester & Summer Programs

"I improved my understanding of art, and I learned how to make books and metal jewelry. I got really comfortable traveling alone in a foreign country. I experienced a lot of aspects of Italian culture. I also gained a lot of social confidence from learning to overcome the language barrier. These are all major benefits, however, I..."

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 Best College Semester Ever IFSA: Santiago - Chilean Universities Program, Santiago

"Language skills, independence, leadership, invaluable experiences like goin to Patagonia, made some of the best friends that I have. It was absolutely worth every moment. "

Brandeis University
09/19/2022 Berlin IES Abroad: Berlin - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"I learned that I definitely want to move back to Berlin as soon as possible."

Brandeis University
09/14/2022 Amazing But Housing Was Not Great Boston University: London - London Internship Program

"Just basic skills for the work force and help reminded me of what I would life to do "

Brandeis University
09/14/2022 Good Sant'Anna Institute: Sorrento - Live, Learn and Immerse in Italy

"I gained a lot of independence and problem solving skills."

Brandeis University
09/14/2022 Perfectly Amazing And Life Changing SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development

"I gained a lot of confidence and self assurance. So so worth it."

Brandeis University
09/06/2022 I Learned And Experienced So Much! Bogazici University: Istanbul - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I learned some Turkish, I gained an open mind about how the same subject can bring a different experience in different places in the world, and I learned to ease up a bit. To me, it was the perfect summer study abroad before entering senior year of University. "

Brandeis University
09/05/2022 Fantastic Summer In Paris IES Abroad: Paris Summer - Advanced Language

"I think this experience has benefited me in preparing for the CEFR B2 Exam."

Brandeis University
09/04/2022 The Best Six Weeks Ever :) IES Abroad: Amsterdam Summer – Society, Culture & Gender

"I learned how to live abroad on my own, take care of my expenses, navigate a new country (and surrounding countries) on my own, etc."

Brandeis University
09/01/2022 Sevilla CIEE: Seville - Liberal Arts

"I improved my spanish, gained some confidence in myself, and met a lot of interesting people. It was a worthwhile experience and I recommend studying abroad"

Brandeis University
08/30/2022 Internship Aboard In London Boston University: London - London Internship Program

"I learned independence and how to live abroad. "

Brandeis University