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May 18, 2024

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Below you will find study abroad reviews from students at Bradley University. We hope you will find these helpful in your search for options in education abroad. If you are a Bradley University student, please check with the International Programs Office for guidelines on enrolling in a study abroad program and receiving credit for your study abroad experience. If your university has listed recommended programs below, please consider them first and contact any of the program providers referenced in the reviews listed below for more information.

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Past Review Wish I Could Go Back! IES Abroad: Paris - Business & International Affairs

"I improved my French and developed many skills with the internship that IES paired me up."

Bradley University
Past Review Best Semester Ever IES Abroad: Milan - Study Abroad With IES Abroad

"I learned to be more independent and to take life into my own hands. I have learned to explore adventures I would never have thought to take before. I have gained a deeper insight into the world. This was the most worthwhile thing I have ever done."

Bradley University
Past Review Amazing Experience! 10/10 Recommend! IES Abroad: Madrid - IES Abroad in Madrid

"IES Abroad Madrid was AMAZING! I learned so much while I was in Madrid and wouldn't trade that experience for anything. Because Madrid is so centralized, I was able to travel to a plethora of cities within Spain and experience other countries outside of Spain as well. There is a wide variety of classes offered and lots of activi..."

Bradley University
Past Review Amazing Opportunity Spanish Language Immersion! Central College Abroad: Granada - University of Granada

"The biggest component was the language-I used Spanish all the time and probably could have even used it more! It was SO worthwhile! I learned so much about myself, about Andalucian culture, and about the language itself. "

Bradley University
Past Review Hide Inside Or Choose To Get Out And Become A Dane Ish Person Yourself. DIS Copenhagen: Semester

"Traveling and studying abroad is what you make of it. If you want to meet locals you can. If you make no effort to, though, you won't!"

Bradley University
Past Review Becoming A Time Traveler IES Abroad: Sydney Direct Enrollment - Macquarie University

"This experience was 100% worthwhile and I would have regretted it if I didn't do it! I gained so much confidence in myself and learned the true meaning of independence. But I also learned the meaning of friendship and adventure. "

Bradley University
Past Review Australian Adventure IES Abroad: Sydney Direct Enrollment - Macquarie University

"Studying in Sydney, Australia via the IES Program was the best decision I've ever made. The staff stationed in Sydney were wonderful and the city couldn't have been more perfect. The trips we went on as a group were affordable and heaps of fun! It really allowed me to get cultural immersion easily and in a fun way. I would highl..."

Bradley University
Past Review That's Limerick Citayy! A.K.A. The Best Time Of My Life. AIFS: Limerick - University of Limerick

"I made lifelong friends, and have memories that will last forever. I only regret that I had the best time of my life at the age of 21, so I guess it's all downhill from here? "

Bradley University
Past Review My Amazing Rome Experience AIFS: Rome - Richmond in Rome and Internship Program

"My study abroad was definitively positive. It opened my eyes to the world out side of my comfort zone. Also it made me want to travel not only around the world but also the United State.This trip has made me a more confident and independent person. "

Bradley University