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May 25, 2024

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At the Office of International Programs, our mission is to prepare students for citizenship, service, and leadership in a global society.

Almost 40 percent of BC undergraduates have an international experience by the time they graduate. We are proud of our comprehensive network of more than 60 academic partnerships in over 30 countries worldwide. Each year more than 1,000 students from all fields of study and with varied foreign language backgrounds participate in tailored programs during the academic year and in our faculty-lead summer programs abroad. Students can enroll in BC programs or approved external programs. Our staff is dedicated to helping each participant find the right program.

OIP also hosts over 150 international exchange students annually from our partner universities around the world.

If you are a student or a prospective student at BC and have initial questions about study abroad, we can show you how to begin the process. If you know already where you would like to study abroad, have a look at our programs.

For parents we have prepared answers to some frequently asked questions.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Go to Boston College Study Abroad to see future deadlines/advising periods.

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Past Review Boston Internship Study Away and Internship Programs in Boston

"Professional experience"

Boston College
Past Review Madrid Practica Adelante: Madrid - Intern In Madrid

"I had an amazing experience, learning not only a lot of the language, but also about teaching and communicating with kids. It was worthwhile."

Boston College
Past Review Program Good, Housing Horrible Adelante: Madrid - Intern In Madrid

"Professionally and culturally worthwhile."

Boston College
Past Review Priceless And Memorable. IFSA/Alliance: Shanghai - 21st Century City

"Language improved dramatically, made incredible friends from all over the world including local Chinese. Definitely worthwhile and encourage every student interested in Shanghai to participate with Alliance."

Boston College
Past Review Opportunity Of A Lifetime. Fairfield University: Florence - Semester or Year in Italy

"I became more cultured, knowledgable and independent."

Boston College
Past Review Once In A Lifetime Fairfield University: Florence - Semester or Year in Italy

"I gained a once in a lifetime experience that I will forever cherish. I hope to one day be able to revisit Florence and possibly even stay there for good."

Boston College
Past Review The Semester That I Never Wanted To End The American University of Rome: Rome - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"So worthwhile. I am now more independent than ever before and learned so much about myself, Italy, and all the countries I traveled to. "

Boston College
Past Review Amazing Experience In The Heart Of Italy, Would Go Back In A Heartbeat John Cabot University - Study Abroad in Rome, Italy

"This was an amazing experience that helped me gain cultural awareness and independence. I have more of an appreciation for my home country and for people with diverse perspectives as a result of my time abroad."

Boston College
Past Review Roma: Amazing Experience With Life Adjustments The American University of Rome: Rome - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"My study abroad experience was amazing, despite its ups and downs. I was easily able to travel from Rome and see A LOT of European big cities. I also was able to learn about italian culture and living situations, as well as political outlook."

Boston College
Past Review Sailing In The Caribbean For My Semester Abroad: Best Decision I Ever Made Sea Education Association: Colonization to Conservation in the Caribbean

"I learned so much about the Caribbean and the ocean and about myself from sailing with SEA, and I could not be happier with my experience."

Boston College
Past Review A Semester In Santiago Pontifical Catholic University of Chile: Santiago - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Absolutely. I loved studying abroad in Chile and can't wait to go back. "

Boston College
Past Review You Don't Need To Speak Chinese To Go To China : ) Peking University: Beijing - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"My Chinese level skyrocketed thanks to the immersion program. Living with a host family was also a life-changing experience; I am so grateful to them for hosting me. They were so kind and welcoming, and I feel like I learned so much from them and their culture."

Boston College
Past Review (No Title) CIEE: Prague - Central European Studies

"It was a wonderful experience. The Czech Republic is definitely a lot different than studying somewhere like London, and the people are really different. But I loved learning about their history and exploring such a unique place."

Boston College
Past Review (No Title) Bocconi University: Milan - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Educational experience was lacking, but was worth it to be in another country for a semester. Travel and friendship experiences are some of the best I've ever had"

Boston College
Past Review Fall Semester In Dublin University College Dublin: Dublin - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"I think studying abroad gives students an independence. Having to fend for yourself, even if you are with friends, so far from your parents is challenging and exciting! I had to buy a cell phone plan, open a bank account, all things I had not yet done for myself in the US. "

Boston College
Past Review Study Abroad In Milan, Italy Bocconi University: Milan - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Everything I've already said. It was expensive, but you have to live it out to the fullest while you're there. If you hold back and stay in a routine, it wont be as memorable."

Boston College
Past Review Great Classes, Great Apartments, Great Study Abroad University College Dublin: Dublin - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Yes, it was my first time abroad, and is an experience everyone should have. You become a stronger person by traveling and you see things you could never imagine."

Boston College
Past Review Boston College At University College In Dublin University College Dublin: Dublin - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"Living in another country was a great experience. It is important to remember that there is a whole great world outside of the US"

Boston College