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The GREEN Program


The GREEN Program is a program provider offering 4 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 4 countries such as Japan, Nepal, Iceland, and Peru.

The GREEN Program is a leading provider of educational services and hands-on experiences in the fields of clean energy and sustainability. Given the increasing amount of investment in clean energy technology, we're bridging the talent gap while building the green workforce to sustain this industry, from the ground up. The GREEN Program: transforms clean tech education, brings classrooms to life and accelerates meaningful careers around the world.

Learning from a textbook is great, informative and necessary. At GREEN, we believe this knowledge deserves to come alive through hands-on learning experiences. Today, more than ever, students are keen on experiencing things in real life, while gaining expertise in a particular field of interest. The GREEN Program provides a perfect educational conduit for experiential learning, cultural immersion and accelerated career development.

Study Abroad with The GREEN Program

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December 7, 2019