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SIT Study Abroad is a program provider offering 72 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 38 countries such as Australia, Cameroon, Chile, and Ecuador.

A pioneer in experiential, field-based study abroad, SIT Study Abroad provides academically engaging semester and summer programs in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East for undergraduate students.

SIT Study Abroad programs examine critical global issues in a specific cultural and geographical context. Studying with host country faculty and living with families, students gain a deep appreciation for local cultures, develop language skills, and become immersed in diverse topics ranging from the politics of identity to post-conflict transformation, from global health to environmental policy.

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Based on 1342 Reviews
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April 22, 2024
Past Review Not Much Culture Shock, Still Worthwhile SIT Study Abroad: Switzerland - International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy

"yes it was. I learned alot, but to me personally, I would have wanted morem of a culture shock. The Swiss culture wasn't much different from American Culture. In that respect I would have wanted a different location, but apart from that, I had a good time. "

Austin College
Past Review Study Abroad In Kenya Was Enriching, Intellectually Stimulating, And Difficult SIT Study Abroad: Kenya - Global Health and Human Rights

"My study abroad experience was worthwhile in ways that I cannot fully describe, probably ever. Choosing to study abroad in a developing country is a decision that is courageous, I think. Going somewhere that reveals your status as an upper-upper-class WORLD citizen (as opposed to your status as an American citizen) forces you to..."

Wellesley College
Past Review Eye Opening In Kigali And Gulu Sit: Kampala Uganda/Rwanda: Post Conflict Transformation SIT Study Abroad: Reviews from Former Locations

"Completely worthwhile. You cannot beat going somewhere and learning from people who have had such different experiences than your own. I learned about forgiveness and thought about it in new ways and it really got me to thinking about other things. I think you just learn to open your eyes and see what is going on and not always ..."

Barnard College
Past Review Learning From Moroccans SIT Study Abroad: Morocco - Migration and Transnational Identity

"It was worthwhile. I wanted to do something completely different and be challenged on my abroad experience, and that is what I got. I gained a broader world perspective and greatly increased my appreciation for being born American."

Tufts University
Past Review In Brazil, Homestay Is The Way! Salvador Public Health, Race And, Human Rights SIT Study Abroad: Reviews from Former Locations

"I would do it again for sure. It was a way for me to really experience and see the things I want to do in my future. I enjoyed the research project, because I picked something I was really interested in and got to see so much health care and understand the system behind it. All of those moments whether it was walking down the st..."

Tufts University
Past Review A Great Way To Understand Chile SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development

"SIT does a great job of providing students with family interaction and educating the participants on historical and current issues relavant to Chile that in some ways apply to most of South America. The opportunity increased my interest in international development work, and the ISP played a large roll in my interests there. I..."

Tufts University
Past Review Valparaiso Is One Of The Best Towns Any College Student Could Ask For SIT Study Abroad: Chile - Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development

"Definately. However, I would have liked some more academic interaction with people from my houst-country. One thing that really stands out in this program is the 2 week North/South excursion. I lived with a Mapuche (indian) family, experienced life on their farm, learned about their culture and was able to see a side of Chile..."

Rice University
Past Review Learning Arabic In Jordan SIT Study Abroad: Jordan - Intensive Arabic Language Studies

"I improved my Arabic and built some lasting relationships with Jordanians and Americans. It was worthwhile. "

Tufts University
Past Review Antananarivo National Identity And Social Change SIT Study Abroad: Reviews from Former Locations

"Absolutely, this experience was worthwhile. I discovered a beautiful island, with beautiful, friendly people, and had the opportunity to travel a lot within the country (both with the SIT group and independently) and see how different it was from one end to the other. I realized (as did most students) that I was more confident..."

Tufts University
Past Review My Study Abroad In Kenya SIT Study Abroad: Kenya - Global Health and Human Rights

"It completely changed my life and career path!"

Tufts University