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Máximo Nivel


Máximo Nivel is a program provider offering 2 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Intensive Language abroad programs in 3 countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Máximo Nivel’s volunteer and internship projects in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru provide unique opportunities to live and work internationally while experiencing the countries’ rich cultural diversity and building your proficiency in the Spanish language.

The majority of our volunteer and internship projects take place in Cusco, Peru, San Jose, Costa Rica, and La Antigua, Guatemala. However, we also offer projects in other areas and cities including: the Sacred Valley and Puerto Maldonado (Peru), the Pacific and Caribbean coasts and Monteverde (Costa Rica), and Guatemala City (Guatemala).

Volunteer and internship opportunities include:

• Orphanages/Childcare
• Conservation & Environment
• Teaching English
• Construction
• Medical
• Healthcare (non-medical)
• International Business and Tourism

We can arrange customized programs for schools or student groups with specific needs, and work with both groups and individuals. Come volunteer for as little as one week or as long as six months!

Study Abroad with Máximo Nivel

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Overall Experience
July 5, 2020
08/29/2018 Adventure In Peru Máximo Nivel: Intensive Spanish Immersion

"I gained a lot of cultural experience. Peru was my first South American country. I also developed my professional and language skills."

Berea College
Past Review Learning In Peru Máximo Nivel: Faculty-Led and Custom University Programs

"It helped me learn more about other cultures and how people interact verbally and non-verbally. "