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George Mason University is a program provider offering 35 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, and Intensive Language abroad programs in 29 countries such as The United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Belize.

Mason Study Abroad offers a wide range of international study, research, service, and leadership opportunities to George Mason students, faculty, staff, and members of the general public. Mason Study Abroad also designs and implements international programs for undergraduates, graduates, and professionals seeking knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the culturally diverse society of the twenty-first century. Last but not least, Mason Study Abroad manages a variety of international programs in almost fifty countries: short-term programs during the winter break and summer term; semester and year-long exchanges; intensive language courses; internships; and an honors semester at the University of Oxford.

Mason Study Abroad Services Include:
•Development, Administration, and Management of Study Abroad and Internship Opportunities Abroad
•Individual and Group Student Advising
•Information on scholarships and Grant Opportunities
•Registration and Transfer of Credits
•International Student and Faculty Identity Cards
•Resources on Travel, Internships, and Employment Abroad

Study Abroad with George Mason University

Based on 14 Reviews
Overall Experience
April 10, 2020
Past Review Extraordinary Experience ( Life Changing Opportunity) George Mason University: Milan - Italian Media, Culture & Society

"It was definitely worthwhile!! I learn so much!! First and foremost the basics of Italian language and the exposure itself made me gain a deep understanding of the lifestyle (how society is driven and what culture is all about)."

George Mason University
Past Review A Fantastic Experience! George Mason University: Milan - Italian Media, Culture & Society

"I learned so much about myself and Italy while there. It is a beautiful country filled with rich culture, wonderful people, and delicious food. This trip really taught me how to appreciate differences and make the most of all the trips I have taken since then. "

George Mason University
Past Review Go Explore Italy. George Mason University: Milan - Italian Media, Culture & Society

"I learned how to be more independent and it was absolutely worthwhile. If I could go again, I would like to stay in a different city. Milan was an experience but compared to what we saw in other parts of the country, the program would do well somewhere else."

George Mason University
Past Review Summer Of Dreams George Mason University: Milan - Italian Media, Culture & Society

"Studying abroad was an eye-opening experience-I learned so much about myself, and the Italian culture and society... The sort of things you can't really learn when you're in the mindset of a tourist. It was an absolutely amazing month, and although I had started to miss home towards the end, I was upset when it officially ended...."

George Mason University
Past Review An Excellent Art History Trip! George Mason University: Florence - Renaissance Art in Florence

"I have been abroad before and everytime I come abroad, my life is changed somehow! It is an experience I hope all students/people can have in their lifetime."

George Mason University
Past Review London Theater Tour: What An Amazing Adventure! Cheers! George Mason University: Traveling - London Theater Tour: British Theatre Today

"Study Abroad was definitely worthwhile because I became more independent and more confident. It has made me want to go abroad again either for school or for my own pleasure. I want to go back to Europe and explore more countries other than England. However, I wouldn't mind visiting London again. "

George Mason University
Past Review Granada With George Mason, Not Worth It! George Mason University: Granada - Spanish Language Study

"I will never do this again and will do whatever in my power to not have anyone else do this study abroad program."

George Mason University
Past Review Living And Working In The West Bank: An Incredible Opprotunity George Mason University: Israel and Palestine - Internships

"I would give ten stars to this program if I could! This experience really opened my eyes and changed my perceptions and opinions on a lot of things- about the conflict, about the region, about myself. The day-to-day experiences were really the best to learn from. One day I would be working on a grant proposal for my internship a..."

George Mason University
Past Review Montreal: Awesome Summer In Canada George Mason University: Montreal - French Language Study in Montreal, Quebec

"Yes, it definitely was. I had a lot of fun, learned french, while being in an awesome city. After being in Montreal for 6 weeks, I didn't really want to leave, and I can't wait to go back for a weekend."

George Mason University
Past Review Gmu Milan Gave Me The Best Summer Of My Life! George Mason University: Milan - Italian Media, Culture & Society

"I gained a sense of adventure and a passion for traveling. I also learned how to budget and to be more open-minded. On a trip like this, things are often out of your control, so it was important for me to learn how to "play it by ear." I feel like my cultural awareness has skyrocketed, even though this was my only real exper..."

George Mason University
Past Review Belize Best Thing I've Done In My College Career George Mason University: Traveling - From Ridges to Reefs

"Seeing the rain-forest in person is indescribable and the coral reefs there blow away some of the ones you can see in the U.S. and its territories. I am returning to Belize as soon as my degree is finished. I can see myself living there in the future."

George Mason University