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EuroScholars is a program provider offering 5 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Research abroad programs in 4 countries such as Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

EuroScholars is a unique research abroad programme designed for advanced and talented undergraduate students from US and Canadian institutions looking for an international research experience. The EuroScholars Program offers these students to conduct research at one of the 5 internationally renowned European Research Universities. In this programme, students have the opportunity to undertake one course in the classroom and then work under the direct supervision of professors and other academic staff on a specific academic research project chosen by both the student and the faculty. There are an abundance of academic research projects in a variety of fields to choose from within the participating universities. The universities involved are located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

Study Abroad with EuroScholars

Based on 10 Reviews
Overall Experience
May 27, 2020
04/06/2017 Very Rewarding EuroScholars: Leiden - Leiden University

"Because I had no research experience before EuroScholars, the program literally taught me everything I know now about the research process. It definitely is worthwhile."

University of Denver
03/23/2017 Rigorous Program With Great Integration EuroScholars: Leiden - Leiden University

"I got real research experience and a change to feel like I was really living in a Dutch town"

Colorado College
03/23/2017 This Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Done. EuroScholars: Leiden - Leiden University

"I learned so much about myself and gained so much educational experience and life experience. Absolutely worthwhile. "

University of North Texas
Past Review My Favorite Place In The World EuroScholars: Zurich - University of Zurich

"So much. I don't know how to put it into words. It improved my scientific knowledge drastically and made me infinitely more confident. It also expanded my worldview and opened up many options for my future. "

Roberts Wesleyan College
Past Review An Amazing Study Abroad Experience In Leiden EuroScholars: Leiden - Leiden University

"Academically, I learned a lot about the specific field that I want to go into for graduate school. Personally, I learned how to better time manage and to live a more laid back yet organized -- the Dutch love their agendas! -- lifestyle."

Clark University - Worcester
Past Review Hard Work, Little Guidance, Fulfilling Experience Supplemented By Great Beer EuroScholars: Leuven - Leuven University

"I definitely gained some academic insight because of my psych research project, but honestly most of what I learned during my semester abroad was how to understand who I am during a tough, different experience such as study abroad. I learned a lot about myself and simply gained some great life experiences. It was worthwhile over..."

Clark University - Worcester