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ECELA is a program provider offering 9 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Intensive Language abroad programs in 3 countries such as Chile, Peru, and Argentina.

Study Abroad with ECELA

Based on 7 Reviews
Overall Experience
April 3, 2020
08/09/2018 9 Week Trip To South America ECELA: Buenos Aires - Spanish Language School in Argentina

"I learned a lot about Latin American cultures and customs. It was definitely worthwhile. "

Xavier University of Louisiana
11/07/2017 Spanish And Counseling/Psychology... Don't Bother! ECELA: Buenos Aires - Spanish Language School in Argentina

"I learned some Spanish from the classes. I learned MUCH more after the program was over and I was travelling in South America on my own. My extended travels were the part that made it worthwhile, not ECELA."

Past Review Learning Immersion In Counseling And Spanish ECELA: Buenos Aires - Spanish Language School in Argentina

"My Spanish skills grew a lot- I can hold a conversation much more easily than before I went! It was a personal challenge for me to be away from home for 6 weeks, but I am stronger because of it. I really appreciated the field trips that were part of the program as I got to see how social services work in another country and was ..."

Arizona State University
Past Review Chile: Where The Mountains, Surprises, And Sunsets Are Infinite And Spectacular. ECELA: Santiago - Spanish Immersion School in Chile

"I learned a lot about myself. I went into the program independently and more or less blindly. I had no idea what it was going to be like. This trip taught me to adapt... to winter when it's supposed to be summer, to people running into me blatantly on the sidewalks, to the food being vastly different than I expected. I also wa..."

Trinity University
Past Review Beautiful ECELA: Cusco - Spanish Language School in Peru

"My Spanish was greatly improved, I learned a ton about alternative medicine and the healthcare system in other countries. It was such a different experience to live in another country not just be a tourist traveling. It was fun and challenging and I had a lot of personal growth."

Western Washington University
Past Review Life Changing Experience ECELA: Santiago - Spanish Immersion School in Chile

"I learned so much about myself-how I work and how I can communicate. I gained other views on what life is all about. I made new friends I know I will have for life. I am so much braver and more confident as a person. This experience has changed me for good and I now have a new fire for learning about different cultures and explo..."

University of California - Riverside
Past Review Home Stay All The Way ECELA: Santiago - Spanish Immersion School in Chile

"Well in just two months I can understand and speak Spanish MUCH better than I could before I left. And we have it good here. Jobs pay more and we have more freedoms. I am definitely going back to visit my friends there, but I was to travel to more Latin American countries as well. "

University of California - Riverside