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Art History Abroad


Art History Abroad is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Gap Year abroad programs in 2 countries such as Gap Year Abroad and Italy.

AHA creates excellent courses about art, the love of culture and the appreciation of beauty. Mostly these courses are for students but some are for happy parents and their friends.

Students return home confident to speak about art. To learn this must be one of the greatest gifts. For some it might be the beginning of a career in the art world but for everyone, an interest in civilisation adds quality to all walks of life.

At AHA, we believe that the creativity of others is an inspiration for our future. We believe that art studied at first hand is vivid and means something. We also believe that unstuffy tutors and good conversation are the keys to learning. And lastly, we believe that travel makes us greater and that we are guests in another’s country.

Study Abroad with Art History Abroad

May 19, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for Art History Abroad : Italy : Traveling - Gap Year Options in Art History
Art History Abroad : Italy : Traveling - Gap Year Options in Art History

The aim of all AHA‘s courses is to enjoy Italy, see a wealth of beautiful art while having fun. Our courses will truly expand your horizons. We draw connections between ar...


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