Villanova University: Urbino - Italian Language & Culture Program

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This program is not currently active
  • Location(s): Urbino, Italy
  • Program Type(s): Study Abroad
This program is inactive and currently not accepting students. It is still on Abroad101 as a reference to the provider and host institution whose links are on this page. Please refer to these if you are interested in learning more about similar programs

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A broader, more informed worldview and greater appreciation for the US of A and its efficiency. Italy was wonderful and full of vast, visual history that I loved learning about and experiencing, but, truthfully, I was glad to go home. - Villanova University View Entire Review
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Learned a lot about the world and myself. - Villanova University View Entire Review
I learned a little about the dynamic of people in my group. I learned the language and appreciated the cultural experience. - Villanova University View Entire Review
Not only did I grow as a student through the rigorous and exciting CE program in Urbino, I grew as a person. I will definitely pursue a career involving international business and will continue to cultivate relationships with the many people I met during my time abroad. I feel that I have a better understanding of Italian cult... - Villanova University View Entire Review
I realized who I was, what I am capable, and who I want to be. - Villanova University View Entire Review
My advisor made this program. he is my mentor and friend. i could talk to him about anything which is why i never felt home sick. - Villanova University View Entire Review


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Study Abroad
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