ITEC Language School: Moscow - Russian as a Foreign Language

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  • Location(s): Moscow, Russia
  • Program Type(s): Intensive Language

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We offer the following courses in our schools in Moscow:Individual 1-to 1 lessons:Standard Individual course (20 hours per week)Intensive Individual course (25 hours per week)Russian for Business (individual - 20 lessons)Individual Programmes are ... read more

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We offer the following courses in our schools in Moscow:Individual 1-to 1 lessons:

  • Standard Individual course (20 hours per week)

  • Intensive Individual course (25 hours per week)

  • Russian for Business (individual - 20 lessons)

Individual Programmes are developed taking into consideration individual features and needs of our clients. Individual study helps the student concentrate on personal tasks and consider personal features of information perception and processing.Russian for Business - The program is made in accordance with International standards of business communication. Each unit of the course is focused on business communication skills development.Course Structure:

  • Russian for meetings and negotiations;

  • Communicate on the telephone;

  • Corporate Communications

  • Business correspondence

  • The conclusion of business agreements

  • The structure of the company;

  • Finance;

  • Marketing;

  • Management;

Maximum efficiency of the individual training is achieved by formulating and solving of particular task at every stage of the course development. Prior to the course a detailed Needs Analysis will be carried out by the specialists of our School in order to assess your training requirements and current level of Russian.

  • The learning process begins with a Pre-Course Task, enabling the Student to focus on the language before the course begins.

  • Individual training course is developed by a team of highly qualified teachers and Methodists of our School with the most modern and progressive methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

  • The process of learning Russian as a foreign language consists of the execution of various tasks, including role playing, simulations of different situations, and grammar exercises.

  • We have developed the personal study plan which helps the Student concentrate on the subject of study and make the learning more efficient.

  • Integrated Personal Study develops individual learning strategies and encourages independent learning during and after your course.

  • A Post-Course Task will help you to consolidate the knowledge and to estimate the level of Russian language approached.

  • A final Course Report gives clear details of progress made and recommendations for further study.

Group lessons (2-4 people, 25 lessons per week)- This is intensive program of Russian language study, which is specially made for the Students whose aim is to improve communicative skills in Russian thanks to active language practice during the lessons. Training takes place in a challenging and dynamic atmosphere of mini-groups with delegates from many parts of the world. They develop Russian language skills through activities such as realistic case studies and different discussions. 
During group courses the Students will:

  • develop confidence in speaking Russian

  • learn to persuade others to their opinion

  • negotiate more effectively in Russian

  • activate vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical structures

  • improve social Russian in different situations

  • improve your English in skill areas, such as meetings and presentations

Combined course (15 hours of group lessons - Russian for business + 10 individual lessons)A combination of group and individual classes is a successful approach for those students who wish to take individual consultations on any aspects of Russian language, and literature that interest them in addition to the basic group course. The program covers 15 ac/hours of group classes +10 ac/hours of individual tuition per week. Upon student request the quantity of individual classes can be increased.Full immersion group program. Program of courses with full immersion in the Russian-speaking environment combines ethno tourism and the study of language and culture of Russia. The course structure consists of a daily academic part and cultural and entertainment evening programs in Russian.It is also possible to conduct various trainings in the same format.

Program Type(s):
Intensive Language
Program Length(s):
  • Fall
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Academic Year
  • January Term
  • Custom
  • Short Term
Instruction Language(s):
  • Russian
  • English
Relevant Study Subject(s):
  • Russian, Central and East European Studies
  • Russian Studies
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Russian Language, Literature
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