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FLORENCE, ITALY Florence is a city of momentous chance - but also, a city that retains its ancient character and legacy. It is a city of paradox, and it is endlessly fascinating; a perfect place to study, learn and live. Known for its art treasure... read more

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FLORENCE, ITALY Florence is a city of momentous chance - but also, a city that retains its ancient character and legacy. It is a city of paradox, and it is endlessly fascinating; a perfect place to study, learn and live. Known for its art treasures and history, the city's story goes back to the Roman Empire. The powerful Medici princes led Florence into the Renaissance by their patronage of artists, philosophers, poets, scientists and scholars who changed the face of Western civilization. A center of banking and commerce, the weather of Florence fostered entrepreneurs, economics and politicians who changed the way the world works. Today's Florence combines centuries-old traditions with modern life- with all its conveniences and challenges. Its cathedrals, bridges and frescoes are world-famous; its Renaissance fame lives on in the works of Dante, Machiavelli and Michelangelo. But Florance continues to evolve. Its government addresses the challenges of environmental issues, immigration and burgeoning tourism. Internet cafes occupy 14th-century buildings. Florence is still famous for its cuisine, but sushi is also popular too. Florence has attracted students for centuries and with good reason. history makes itself felt in every piazza, street and market; you have the sense of living in the present while surrounded with the greatest achievements of the past. The streets of Florence make even a walk to class an unforgettable cultural experience. ACADEMICS Fairfield University, a Jesuit institution, is a fully accredited university and member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Recognized by the Italian government as an institution of high learning in Italy, Fairfield University is also a member of AACUPI, the Association of American College and University Programs in Italy. Students attending our programs will receiving a Fairfield University transcript. Most students participating in the Fairfield program will attend classes at the Florence University of the Arts, which is located in the history city center. Students take at least one three-credit course in Italian language and four additional courses (presented in English). Qualified students with a high degree of proficiency in Italian language may elect to take one course with Italian students at one of Italy's leading universities. INTERNSHIP OPTION Internships are available to all students. This opportunity provides hands-on work experience and an immersion into the Italian work-place in a variety of fields including: art, business, education and journalism. HOUSING Students live in comfortable, furnished apartments in the center of Florence, within a 20-minute walk to school. Bedrooms are double-occupancy, and each apartment may have from one to four bedrooms (for two to eight students). Students enjoy the experience of immersion into Florentine daily life. INFORMATION The cost of each of the summer sessions is $6,497. Included in the package is: Tuition for six undergraduate credits; grades will be reported on a Fairfield University transcript. Student support services with 24-hour emergency coverage housing in shared apartments in the historic center of Florence. Apartments are all different, have one to four double-occupancy bedrooms, are simply furnished and provided with bedding, towels, cooking utensils, stove, and regrigerator. Walking distance to school varies, but 15 to 25 minutes Meal plan, which includes vouchers for sandwiches and for the restaurants Da Pennello and Ganzo Welcome and farewell banquets Weekly activities (examples from past summers include soccer, opera, ballet, and local events) Health insurance You can find a tentative list of course offerings on the Fairfield study abroad website.

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