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Qasid Institute (Amman, Jordan)


Qasid Institute is a university located in Amman, Jordan offering 1 direct enrollment and exchange program Programs offered include Study Abroad and Intensive Language abroad programs.

The term qasid is also used to describe an individual who strives forward with a direct, specific intention, which is a dictionary-perfect definition for the kind of student that Qasid attracts. Although designed mainly for university-level students and time-starved professionals, Qasid students have come as young as 15 and as old as 65. Our students include consulate officers, Fulbright researchers, full-time mothers, medical doctors, FLAS recipients, and Ivy League graduates, and hail from nearly two dozen countries.

Graduating students who have applied themselves will find that understanding an all-Arabic university course to be within reach, and translating general texts to be manageable. Our graduate-level modules prepare advanced students to teach Arabic and Middle East Studies, something that a number of our alumni now do at universities throughout the US and Europe. To indicate something about its level of rigor, Qasid’s Summer Intensive Program (SIP) has a higher percentage of Ivy League students vis a vis the rest of its student body than any other private Arabic language institute in the Middle East.

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June 19, 2024
Study Abroad Reviews for The Qasid Institute: Amman - Direct Enrollment & Exchange
The Qasid Institute: Amman - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

The Qasid Program is an intensive, multi-term course tailored for non- native speakers and heritage learners wishing to excel in Arabic. It is designed with busy professio...


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The 2020 scholarship application period will open from 01 October to 15 December 2019. Qasid believes in providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students in recognition of their achievement and as an incentive for all those studying the Arabic language to excel. This investment in language education also serves to advance the field of Arabic language studies while enriching the campus atmosphere with diversity, talent, and academic excellence. Applicants will be interested to know that scholarship recipients are also eligible to apply for U.S. university credit for their studies at Qasid at an extra cost per credit awarded. For those interested in applying now, please review the scholarship policies provided below. For any other information on the scholarship itself or the application process, please contact the Qasid Scholarship Committee at scholarships@qasid.com.


15 December 2019

1. Scholarship availability is announced annually in the month of October. 2. Two separate tuition scholarships are offered each year: A 1 quarter scholarship, currently valued at $2645, which must be used for either the summer or fall terms of the calendar year following the year of application. Up to 5 quarters, full program scholarship, currently valued at up to $13225, requiring a commitment to attend up to 5 academic terms consecutively, which must begin in either the summer or fall terms of the calendar year following the year of application. A student with a full program scholarship who leaves Qasid before all five levels are completed will forfeit the remainder of their scholarship. Scholarships are non transferable to later terms. Students may apply for both scholarships simultaneously, although no individual student will be awarded both scholarships for a given year. 3. Scholarship applications and all supporting materials must be received within the application period dates for the application year. The required materials include: A completed, online application form A current resume|curriculum vitae An academic transcript, if you have recently attended an educational institute Writing sample: A statement from the applicant as to why they feel they should be selected for the scholarship (no more than 500 words) One letter of recommendation (submitted via Qasid Portal). 4. Applicants must have a minimum of one year of college level Arabic and|or its equivalent in order to be considered for the scholarship. 5. Scholarship awards will be announced no later than 01 February of the calendar year following the application year. And they must be confirmed by the recipient two weeks after the award announcement, February 15. 6. Scholarships only apply to tuition costs for Levels 1 through 5 of the Core Program (MSA or Classical Arabic) courses. This therefore excludes: Supplementary classes Private tutoring sessions Credit and transcript fees Off campus excursions Housing Books 7. Full program scholarship recipients must earn a minimum grade average of 80% and have no more than 4 unexcused absences in each academic term in order to maintain their eligibility for the scholarship into subsequent terms. Qasid reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship at any time if the conditions of the scholarship or the Qasid Student Policies are violated. For additional information about the scholarship or the application process, you may contact the Qasid Scholarship Committee at scholarships@qasid.com. The tentative schedule for 2018 scholarship recipients to begin their attendance with Qasid are: The Summer session, from 20 June to 22 August (subject to slight change). The Fall session, from 12 September to 07 December (subject to slight change). The Qasid Institute has developed a reputation as one of the best private intensive Arabic language programmes in the Middle East with teaching methods specifically designed for foreign students.