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June 1, 2023

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The Office of Study Abroad at Eastern Illinois University is dedicated to providing affordable, high quality international academic experiences to eligible students, allowing them to develop the knowledge and cross-cultural skills necessary for leadership in an increasingly global economy. These experiences include approved short and long-term study, intern, field and practical opportunities throughout the world, all contributing to a student’s EIU degree and grade point average.

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Past Review Guatemala Is Amazing. Eastern Illinois University (EIU): Antigua - Spring Break in Guatemala

"I improved my spanish speaking skills and i got to work with the professional soccer team Guatemala GFC so it was really worthwhile. "

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Imagine Indonesia Is A Unique, Once In A Lifetime Experience! Eastern Illinois University (EIU): Bali & Java - Imagine Indonesia: Discover the Wonders of Bali and Java

"My experience abroad taught me a lot about about a different culture, and gave me a great appreciation for Indonesian history and customs. It was absolutely worthwhile- I got to meet new people, both from my school and from Indonesia and learn in an immersion environment which made the experience so much richer. I would recomme..."

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review My Ireland Experience International Internships: Custom Internship Placements in Ireland

"I gained a new perspective on life and the world it self. I was able to see things from a different perspective and become educated on foreign business. I also grew up and became more mature while I was away. I learned how to live and do things on my own which was huge for me. This was the best experience I have ever done and wo..."

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review I Would Do It Again In A Heart Beat. Eastern Illinois University (EIU): Dublin -Business Study Abroad Ireland

"You get a new outlook on the world and how others cultures work in different ways from your own."

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Argentina Was An Unparalleled Adventure! Eastern Illinois University (EIU): Cordoba - Summer in Argentina

"Too many things were gained to fit in this little box. Experience, knowledge, ideologies, interests, courage! Passion! Friendship!! Irreplaceable memories!"

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Cinematic Adventure Down Under Eastern Illinois University (EIU): Australia & New Zealand - Intercultural Communication and Co-Cultural Experiences

"Finally being exposed to another culture and country where I learned more about myself and what I want out of life."

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Amazing! Florence University of The Arts: Florence - Direct Enrollment & Exchange

"YES met so many people and traveled to 9 countries"

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Athens: Food, Nightlife And The People Webster University: Athens - Odyssey in Athens

"I've never been overseas in my life and this program opened my eyes into the world. I'm studying International Management and now I'm willing to go overseas to work. It was a great experience. "

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Morocco: Kingdom Of Hospitality And Mint Tea ISA Study Abroad in Meknes, Morocco

"My french skills improved drastically, thanks to my Advanced French class, Moroccan friends, and speaking it with my host family. I have a much greater appreciation for Islam and this program allowed me to understand the difference between true Islam and what our stereotypes and prejudices against fundamentalism are. This progra..."

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Studying Spanish On The Beach Actually Does Work! ISA Study Abroad in Málaga, Spain

"I learned a ton about myself which is to be expected. But I learned a lot about the culture of Spain as well as Europe on a whole. "

Eastern Illinois University
Past Review Greece: A Life Changing Experience! Study Abroad Programs in Greece

"I grew so much as both a teacher and a person. I learned so much about other cultures in and outside the classroom. I feel that my educational experience could not be duplicated."

Eastern Illinois University