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SUNY Purchase is a program provider offering 6 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 4 countries such as Argentina, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Think really Wide Open…like on a global scale!

Purchase offers a broad range of options for studying abroad for a semester, summer, or full academic year. With a wide variety of education abroad programs to choose from, you can find the appropriate program to fit your academic, personal, and professional needs.

Study Abroad with SUNY Purchase

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Overall Experience
July 6, 2022
Past Review Purchase Learns About Argentina's Dark History And Contemporary Uprisings SUNY Purchase: Buenos Aires - Summer Program in Argentina

"This experience was wonderful. Learning about another country in a beautiful, cosmopolitan city was beautiful, especially with my friends in the Sociology program and other students from the college. I learned too much to say here, but going abroad always changes me for the better and this was no exception. "

SUNY Purchase
Past Review It Went By Too Quickly! SUNY Purchase: Buenos Aires - Summer Program in Argentina

"a wealth of knowledge and yes it was worthwhile"

SUNY Purchase
Past Review Great Experience SUNY Purchase: Groningen - Hanze University Groningen - Prince Claus Conservatoire

"Yes, I learned a lot from my time abroad. I especially benefited from something like that, since I was going to College from home here in the US, and got a chance to live away from home and with a roommate for the first time. I also learned a lot about managing money, and other kinds of responsibilities linked to this. In terms..."

SUNY Purchase
Past Review Semester Study At Edinburgh College Of Art SUNY Purchase: Edinburgh - Edinburgh College of Art

"I see my own culture very differently. I have such a fascination with the rest of the world that I had never really tapped into before. Being in an english speaking country was beneficial for making work in a short period of time, however, going to Barcelona while I was there was amazing. "

SUNY Purchase