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Performing Arts Abroad


Performing Arts Abroad is a program provider offering 5 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 3 countries such as The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy.

Performing Arts Abroad offers study abroad, internships, arts for social change, and training / intensive programs all over the world. Study, teach, discover, inspire, and be inspired. All the world’s a stage.

Whether you are a university student looking for an experience abroad to enhance your education, a professor hoping to design a customized course abroad for your students, a professional artist looking for extra inspiration and in-depth industry knowledge, a gap year student yearning to find meaning as you venture out on your own, or a studio director wanting to immerse your students and their families in another society’s stories and means of expression…you’ve found your home here. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality cross-cultural artistic exchanges in the world, and we ensure that each person’s experience is unique and customized to your identity as an artist.

Study Abroad with Performing Arts Abroad

July 12, 2020