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Minds Abroad is a program provider offering 2 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Intensive Language, Gap Year, and High School abroad programs in 2 countries such as China and India.

Minds Abroad is a U.S.-based organization that conducts study abroad programs on both sides of the Pacific: we bring both Asian students to the United States and also Western students to Asia. Because of the way our programs engage students with local communities, Minds Abroad was recently named a “Top Ten Best Practices Program” by the Center for Citizen Diplomacy in conjunction with the U.S. State Department.
Minds Abroad’s programs are typically a blend of intensive coursework in the classroom and cultural activities and experiential learning (volunteering, interning) outside of the classroom. Our programs include educational travel to sites of cultural significance and many programs also include a homestay component. We design programs that inspire students to understand global issues with innovative curriculum that is eye opening and transformational.
More than simply a study abroad experience or student tour, Minds Abroad's programs take students on a deep journey of discovery of local cultures. While focusing on understanding a different culture on a local level we help students to understand global issues and become full global citizens.

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December 9, 2023
Past Review My Minds Abroad Experience In Kunming: Exactly What I Was Looking For Minds Abroad: Chinese Language and Culture Study Programs in Yunnan

"My study abroad experience was extremely worthwhile and provided me the perfect opportunity to build upon what I had learned in school. I gained a interesting perspective into general Chinese culture, Chinese history (one of my co-workers was a history buff), Chinese business (my teacher ran her own clothing store and my host fa..."

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Past Review Yunnan: An Unforgettable Experiance Minds Abroad: Chinese Language and Culture Study Programs in Yunnan

"My time studying abroad was very worthwhile, I would definitely do it again. For the money put in I got a lot out of the program, met new people and made a huge step in learning a new language. Most importantly I became familiar with a culture that I never before appreciated, and now think the world of because of this program. "

The College of William and Mary