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Marco Polo is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Gap Year, and Graduate Program abroad programs in 1 country such as China.

What is "Marco Polo" Program?
Marco Polo, the world famous traveller who lived in China for 17 years before returning home with Chinese culture, was perhaps the first person that inspired the fascination of the European people to the Oriental and Chinese culture, which continued ever since. Now for those "Marco Polo" of today, we have paved a new passage to China that is faster, safer and cheaper! Through living with a Chinese family, you are provided a quick access to Chinese language and culture. Through accompanying Chinese family members in their daily life, you will have the opportunity to grow your experience and knowledge and at the same time showcase your own home culture to Chinese families.

As affiliate member of International Au Pair Association, Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program has been contributing to intercultural understanding, encouraging oversea youth to explore Chinese culture and language by living with well-educated Chinese host families in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and many other big cities in China.

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June 5, 2020
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Marco Polo: Culture Exchange Program

The launch of Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program was inspired from the world-famous traveler's fascination with Chinese and Oriental culture. Our team spurs a sense of ad...


2 reviews