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IFE is a program provider offering 4 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, and Intensive Language abroad programs in 2 countries such as France and Belgium.

IFE is a French not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1987. IFE serves as a resource for advancing transatlantic understanding and contributing to French and European Studies in the US, principally by exposing students in depth and in situ to contemporary French and European society.

Study Abroad with IFE

Based on 12 Reviews
Overall Experience
July 10, 2020
Past Review It Was Unforgettable In A Relatively Non Romantic Way. IFE: Strasbourg Field Study

"You eventually end up learning that Western Europe is different, not necessarily better; you look that there are slight cultural differences among developed nations, thanks to globalization. You learn a lot about yourself and where you stand morally. "

The University of Texas at Austin
Past Review Best Experience For Real Integration IFE: Paris Field Study

"I was able to take very interesting classes that gave me a good introduction to French society that was complemented with an internship that was relevant to my field of study. I made some really good friends, and was able to live in an environment which made me truly appreciate Paris. "

Wellesley College
Past Review Learning About Identity, Language, And Unity IFE: Paris Field Study

"It was completely worthwhile. I learned a lot about myself, my confidence and fear, my clarity of thought and speech, my identity, my patience and humility, and my courage. "

The University of Texas at Austin
Past Review Incredible IFE: Paris Field Study

"I became substantially more fluent and grew a lot personally. It was completely worthwhile, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

The University of Texas at Austin
Past Review Life Chaging IFE: Paris Field Study

"Everything. Friends, education, work experience, networks, new passions, "

Providence College
Past Review Paris Like A Parisian Or As Close As You're Going To Get IFE: Paris Field Study

"Language skills, especially conversation. Cultural competence, definitely. Life skills for living alone-ish in a city. Workplace skills from my internship. General knowledge of French history, art, and politics."

The College of William and Mary
Past Review Life Changing Experience In Paris IFE: Paris Field Study

"I learned about myself, my goals, dreams, and aspirations. I learned that I could be independent, learn another language, and assimilate into another culture. I would not change anything about my experience. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone."

Providence College
Past Review Paris Field Study Internship Made Me An Independent And Confident World Citizen IFE: Paris Field Study

"It is amazing how much someone can learn outside of the classroom when studying abroad, the internship showed me the way of international business and just getting to know the international students in my foyer expanded my knowledge of geography, politics, and point of views immensely."

Providence College
Past Review Seeing Past The Postcard IFE: Paris Field Study

"I learned a lot about myself, about France, and about the world. It's hard to definitively say how this experience has changed me, because these changes and experiences will show themselves in the coming months and years. "

Goucher College