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Harvard University


Harvard University is a program provider offering 3 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 3 countries such as Mexico, Cuba, and Chile.

Study Abroad with Harvard University

Based on 11 Reviews
Overall Experience
July 12, 2020
Past Review Harvard College Program In Cuba Harvard University: Havana - DRCLAS Program in Cuba

"Drastically different from anywhere else I have ever visited or lived."

Harvard University
Past Review Chile: Chilly But An Amazing Experience That Helped Me Decide On My Career Harvard University: Santiago - DRCLAS in Chile: Spanish & Service Learning

"My cultural awareness heightened and I became more open-minded to people with different backgrounds. HSI helped me decide to pursue medicine because I had the chance to meet role model doctors who were extremely dedicated to caring for their patients."

Harvard University
Past Review Independence In Indigenous Mexico Harvard University: Mexico - DRCLAS Summer Internship Program in Sustainable Development

"Yes. Be fluent in Spanish. Be willing to get your hands dirty. Get lost. Use your freedom to explore and meet new people. Don't be trapped by the expectations of what foreigners do."

Harvard University