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Global Education Oregon


Global Education Oregon is a program provider offering 27 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad and Internship abroad programs in 21 countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, and China.

Introducing GEO (Global Education Oregon), the integration of AHA International, founded in 1957, and University of Oregon Study Abroad Programs.

With a team of seasoned, dedicated, and forward thinking professionals, GEO aspires to be a leading force in the development of a new approach to global learning, one that offers inspiring challenges and valuable rewards for all players and participants.

GEO currently offers more than 100 programs on five continents during the academic year and summer. At present, program length varies from two and a half to 19 weeks (including fall and spring semester, fall and spring quarter, January term, and summer options). Many of our programs take place in locations off the beaten path, maximizing cultural immersion and ensuring that students never feel like tourists. GEO programs span a wide range of models, including single location and multi-site opportunities, classroom and integrated excursion-based learning, and field schools. GEO designs programs that permit students to satisfy general education, major-specific, and elective credits. Placements in meaningful and mutually beneficial service learning projects and internships are also open to students from a wide variety of majors.

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April 15, 2021