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CUPA is a program provider offering 1 abroad program. Programs offered include Study Abroad abroad programs in 1 country such as France.

CUPA is a rigorous immersion program enhanced by personalized methodology and language-mentoring and by the extensive academic, cultural and personal resources provided to its students. A mutually demanding and rewarding relationship exists between CUPA and its participants, based on interaction, dedication, and individual advising, and common values of respect, responsibility, and independence.

CUPA offers semester, year, and summer programs.

Study Abroad with CUPA

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Overall Experience
January 22, 2021
07/02/2018 My Issues With My Abroad Program CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"It was worthwhile for me to go abroad because it allowed me the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture and force myself to learn the language to the best of my ability. My biggest takeaway from studying abroad with CUPA was my newfound appreciation for Wellesley and its reliability, engaging faculty, and engaging courses..."

Wellesley College
Past Review A Life Changing Year! CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Study abroad was ver worthwhile. It really helped me build my social skills and my people skills. I was able to feel confident speaking in french and navigate living in a foreign city. Getting to travel around France and Europe was very valuable. I learned about different cultures and went on great adventures. Academically, I wa..."

Yale University
Past Review An Amazing Time With A Helpful, Immersive Program! CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Improved language, great friends, and an amazing experience."

Georgetown University
Past Review The Beauty Of Paris: The Iconic City Of Clichés, But Also New Adventures CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I improved my language skills, but also grew as a person and became more self-reliant and confident. Definitely worthwhile."

Georgetown University
Past Review Best Place In The World For Pastries, Paintings And Picnics! CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"It was a huge exercise in tolerance and flexibility and learning to sit back and learn instead of pushing the kind of lifestyle I was used to."

Wellesley College
Past Review Best 11.5 Months Of My Adult Life CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"What did I not learn? Honestly I couldn't be a stronger advocate for study abroad. DO IT. Really. Just go!"

Wellesley College
Past Review It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times... CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Other than huge progress in French, wherever you are, it is what you make. My time there was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I wanted to give up so many times but you have no choice but to put one foot in front of the other and make the best of the situation."

Baylor University
Past Review Attention à La Marche En Descendant Du Train. CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I'm so much more confident! I have such a higher self esteem! I've got such street smarts now! My French is great! I'm even getting to the point where I can leave the news on in the background while I do my makeup and not really listen but I can still understand! I'm so much more independent! For context, I couldn't even talk to..."

Past Review Paris: The Most Amazing City In The World!!! CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I learned so much about confidence, independence, and having a positive outlook. it was very worthwhile. "

Fordham University
Past Review Paris Is More Than The Eiffel Tower CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I learned how to be more open with other people, and to better engage the world around me. "

Fordham University
Past Review A Challenging But Meaningful Experience CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I experienced the differences between the French and American university systems. Although I did not grow to love the French system, it did make me appreciate my home university and the American system so much more."

Fordham University
Past Review The Best Semester Of My Life CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"I learned that the best way to learn something is to submerse yourself in it and take chances. Definitely worthwhile. "

Fordham University
Past Review Wonderful Semester In France CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Yes! It most certainly was."

Wellesley College
Past Review France, Beautiful Yet Slow. CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Yes because I was able to travel."

Fordham University
Past Review Paris: A Lovely City Full Of Poetry And Creativity CUPA: Paris - Study Abroad in Paris

"Yes! It has broadened my cultural horizons and helped me realize that I want to work in International Affairs. "

Fordham University